{Favorites} A Year in the Life 2017

Happy New Year friends! As another year passes, it’s only natural to look back on the year before at everything that’s come to pass – the good, the bad, the crazy. And I am forever grateful each year for my personal slice of web space, which allows me to return to a time in my life instantly. Where I just have to look at a certain dress and be transported back to exactly how I felt at that moment in time.

Jingle Bells - The Dressed Aesthetic

There is no other time of year imbued with more magic than Christmas. It feels like the minute December 1st hits, everywhere starts to take on a bit of extra sparkle (and a bit of extra frenetic energy that only the stress of Christmas shopping can bring). By some miracle, I managed to finish my Christmas shopping last week and all things that needed to be shipped are safely in their intended destinations. Which gives me just enough time to sip cocoa and soak up a bit of Christmas magic.

Ace of Spades - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve always loved clothing that has a bit of cheekiness about it. Particularly if the whimsy isn’t instantly obvious till you get up close. It’s probably one of the reasons why I love novelty prints and appliqué so much. I mean, if you can’t have fun with your clothing, then why bother getting dressed at all, right?

White After Labor Day - The Dressed Aesthetic

I think the first fashion rule I ever remember learning was “Don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Bearing in mind, this was in the 80’s/early 90’s, where anything went. Multi-layers of neon push socks, side ponytails, tight rolled jeans. And as I sloshed the electric blue eyeshadow on my lids and searched for my brightest barbie-pink lipstick, I could hear the rule clanging around in my brain. And even my pre-teen self questioned it: why the heck not?

Princess Charming - The Dressed Aesthetic

In the 1930’s there was a fairly well known operetta called Princess Charming. I have never seen it, but a few clicks down the Google-sphere, and I came to learn that the plot centers around a young princess due to marry an elderly king in order to prevent an uprising in her kingdom. However, as love triangles are known to do, she falls in love instead with a military officer and they elope.

Planes, Trains & Automobiles - The Dressed Aesthetic

Over the years, I’ve gotten into many conversations with women about vintage (shocker, I know). But, one particular path that we inevitably skip down is the phrase that has come to be known as “the whole vintage thing.” Women who admire bloggers or their favorite instagram ladies, but sigh and say, “I absolutely love that dress. But I could never, you know, do the whole vintage thing.”

Pocket Full of Sunshine: Introducing Maison Murasaki - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve always had a thing for 3D embellishments. Everyone has that feature that gets their pulse racing. Some girls are all about the rose prints. Others spend their lives hunting down the perfect Lilli Ann jacket. For me, nothing will pull my stomach into my throat faster than appliqué. Enter the incredible Maison Murasaki, home to some of the most amazing bespoke vintage-inspired garments in the world.

Snow Cone - The Dressed Aesthetic

There is just something about layers in winter that spring and summer can’t touch. I love my sundresses and sandals something fierce, but nothing gets me instantly cozier than knowing I can burst forth with all manner of gloves and cardigans, fun tights and cozy coats. And if the dress I happen to be layering all of those items upon happens to have a snow capped mountain’s majesty feel about it, well so much the better.

Inertia - The Dressed Aesthetic

This time of year always has a feeling of inevitability. I don’t know what it is. Pre-Thanksgiving always still feels like autumn, where the cool weather is just beginning and we’re only about 3/4 of the way into the year. And then the second the last drumstick has been polished off and the last dish dried, this side of the holiday feels as if we are barreling towards 2018 with a force too powerful to stop.