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Lust List #25 - The Dressed Aesthetic

A few weeks back I had my annual closet clearout. It’s always such a good feeling to pass on things you no longer wear to fellow vintage-lovers who can be another chapter in their story. But, as my husband always says, it’s not really a closet clearout. It’s really a “Make Room for New Dresses.” He clearly doesn’t know me at all…

Lust List #21: The Christmas Gift Guide 2016

I suddenly realized the holidays are nearly upon us! This will be our first back in the States in over 5 years and our first in North Carolina full stop. In addition to being ridiculously excited to take advantage of domestic US shipping (ohhh the joy of not paying $40 to ship something!) and being closer to home, I’m really motivated to start making a difference with my shopping dollars. After my recent post about the importance of supporting artists and entrepreneurs, I decided it was high time to do my annual Christmas Gift Guide purely from small businesses!

Lust List #18 - The Dressed Aesthetic

Murphy’s Law always states that when you can least afford to shop, all you’ll find are things you wish you could buy. And when you have a bit of extra cash and want to splurge on yourself, you can’t find a single thing that strikes your fancy. I generally fall into the former category. All. The. Time.

Wanna Share a Waffle Cone? - The Dressed Aesthetic

You know what’s really hard? Making new friends as a full, bonafide adult. This is something I’ve thought a fair bit about ever since I crossed that great 30+ threshold a few years back. There is definitely a time in your life where new friends abound. Your teen years and early 20’s (and if you go forth into grad school, even your late 20’s) make it look so easy. Every new class you take, every group you join, there sit new friends waiting to be made. Don’t particularly gel with anyone? Fear not! Wait till next semester for the bevy…