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{Review} Run Away With the Circus: The Vendula London Circus Box Bag - The Dressed Aesthetic

You are all very well aware of my love for novelty handbags. The cuter and more ornate the better. So, it’s no surprise that I instantly fell in love with Vendula London when I reviewed their Chocolatier Grab Bag last year. I get more excited every season to see their latest releases, as they are definitely a company with no shortage of ideas. The instant this Circus Box Bag came across my retinas, I was ready to run away with the circus…

Lust List #19 - The Dressed Aesthetic

With all of this craziness and packing going on in my life, I have to say my mind is definitely on clearing OUT rather than bringing in. Despite my desire to purge, however, my favorite shops keep parading beautiful things across my retinas. And I can’t help but start to get excited about being back in the US and back in the land of free shipping.

Outside the Box: A Few Easy Tricks to Maximize Your Wardrobe - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’m sure I’m not the only one who stares into the depths of her closet in the morning and mutters the infamous phrase “I have nothing to wear!” (yep, even me). Truthfully, it doesn’t matter if you have Emelza Marcos shoe collection or are reaching for a potato sack each day, everyone’s wardrobe can use a little recharge. That’s when I start to think outside the box…

Lust List #10: The Christmas Gift Guide - The Dressed Aesthetic

I absolutely love the holiday season – it seems that everything takes on a festive glow and the twinkle lights strewn around make everything a bit more magical. I love the Christmas music playing everywhere (which I am also known to play in July if I’m having a really bad day. You just can’t be sad listening to Christmas music). I love the Christmas parties, the smell of pine needles, and the anticipation of that special someone opening that very perfect gift.

Accessorizing 101 - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of my favorite things about blogging has been the incredible community of similarly minded vintage loving gal’s I’ve met and had the chance to collaborate with. Over the past few months, I’ve gotten to know Jessica and have fallen completely in love with her blog, Pinup Persuasion. So, when Jessica asked for guest bloggers, I naturally jumped at the chance to work together. Oh what’s a gal to do?

Lust List #8 - The Dressed Aesthetic

It’s that time of year where it feels as if we’re barreling towards Christmas at lightening speed. What is it about the end of September that turns my eyes towards the next year already? I want to put on the brakes – I have way too much 2015 business to attend to before 2016 starts beckoning me towards her. I have, however, made the time for one of my very favorite blog features…

Given my love of the ocean, my simultaneous attraction to ocean-themed items should come as no surprise. Over the years, family members often gifted me all things shark. While I’ve grown away from the novelty t-shirts and figurines for the most part, I still love a bit (okay, a lot) of fishy goodness in my life. If you saw this post, you know I have plenty of undersea paraphernalia lurking in my wardrobe and this girl didn’t even break a sweat when tasked with styling my homemade shark dress.

Because it was so popular last month, I’ve decided to continue sharing my current Lust List (you can see last month’s list here). Whether I’m standing in line to get my coffee, unwinding at the end of the day, or trying to coax my eyelids open in the morning, there are always beautiful things to peruse. I suppose that’s the wonderment (and the curse, according to my Visa card) that is the internet…

I think we all have our own personal rules for styling, whether they be conscious or unconscious. And when we reach for items from our closet in the morning, these rules are clanging around in our heads. For me, little voices say: Don’t pair navy shoes with a black skirt. Don’t wear socks with flip-flops (shudder). After you’re fully dressed, remove one accessory (oh Chanel). Try to incorporate color, pattern, texture and shine into every look. Embrace the pop color.

One of the greatest Christmas gifts I received this year was a Visa gift card from my mom, with a note that read, “Please buy something that you’ve had your eye on…” To me, the instructions were clear – I was to buy something extravagant. This gift card was not to be used for bills or food shopping or for anything even remotely resembling practical. If I even dared venture towards a cleaning implement or a petrol station, the card would self-destruct. It was supposed to be used to spoil myself. Hmmmmm….challenge accepted!