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Cut Out + Keep

{Sewing}: The Counterdanse - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of my favorite dressmaking adventures ever, The Counterdanse, was featured on the website Cut Out + Keep! You can head over to see my step by step tutorial on embellishing the skirt of my dress. They also interviewed me for the site, to get my thoughts on my style, my fashion icons, and some of my favorite blogs.

{Sewing} Mini-Me

Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of the greatest things in my life is being able to watch my niece grow up – granted, much of this observing has to be done from afar via FaceTime, but every time I get to spend time with her I’m in awe of the person she is becoming. The amazing person she already is. My second greatest thing is probably the fact that, for every dress I make myself, I can make her a miniature version and marvel in the unending cuteness.

{Sewing}: The Counterdanse

{Sewing}: The Counterdanse - The Dressed Aesthetic

My latest sewing project started as so many often do: with an Idea. At a few points in my vintage hunting, I would come across vintage painted mexican skirts or vintage square dancing skirts that had images of dancing couples, with the figures wearing actual miniature skirts. I was so smitten with the 3D quality of them – the idea that there was a miniature world within the skirt, like when you hold up two mirrors opposite each other, creating smaller and smaller landscapes inside.

{Sewing}: Sheer Madness

{Sewing}: Sheer Madness - The Dressed Aesthetic

After the craziness that was the making of the Dahlia Dress (which took a good 6 months to complete in between all of the travel and 12 zillion pattern pieces), Sewanista and I thought it was a good idea to try for a quick win – follow a fairly straightforward pattern and quickly reap the rewards. Ohhhh when will I ever learn that when it comes to my sewing projects, nothing is ever as simple as I expect…

Van Go Go Go

I have to say, life has been absolute madness lately. It seems as if there’s no time to stop and enjoy what’s around me, because I’m always running from one place to the next. And the problem with being constantly on the go, is that stopping somehow feels wrong. In academia (aka, the world in which I dwell), you constantly have your eye on the next paper, the next project, the next deadline to meet…and as such, I have done a whole lot of working and not nearly enough lounging…

the JAWESOME sewing project

I always seem to have quite the adventure when I embark on a dressmaking project and this latest was no exception. This one in particular combined two of my favorite things: sewing and shark biology. Though the impetus is usually different, in general my dresses go from some sort of idea that’s been tickling at the back of my head for awhile until the perfect opportunity arises… Warning: Photo heavy post ahead!

Home Grown, Home Sewn

One of the best interests I ever followed through on was learning how to sew. It’s empowering to be able to make your own clothes and to make the clothes you buy fit perfectly. I tend to make a beeline for the $10 pile in an op shop that are full of beauties that need a zip replaced or torn seams repaired – they no longer seem disposable, but full of opportunities to make like new again. It also changes the way you view your body – it’s no longer about changing yourself to fit the clothes, but changing the CLOTHES you fit…