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All Loved Up & Somewhere to Go

All Loved Up & Somewhere to Go - The Dressed Aesthetic

I know that Valentine’s Day gets a bit of a bad rep. There are a lot of people who wish they could jump from Feb 13th to Feb 15th, pretending the day never existed. Assaulted by photos of happy couples, pink and red glitter hearts everywhere, gooey saccharine poetry. I can definitely understand how that can get wearing. But after the events of this past week, I have to say I feel like we all could use an extra bit of love.

Black Tie Optional

Black Tie Optional - The Dressed Aesthetic

The passage of time is a funny thing. Before I had this blog, I wasn’t quite as aware of it as I am now, with a daily chronicle of events and outfits to flip through. Even more jarring can be how quickly time seems to jump between things, taking a moment from new to part of the past very quickly. The other day, I caught myself telling someone we had just moved here from Australia, forgetting that we have actually been here over 8 months. I guess we have to start saying we live here now, letting AUS be a part…

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, that day is finally upon us – Happy Christmas and Merry Hanukkah everyone! I know that this day can mean different things to different people. For me, this is time when I take a deep breath. Where I try to let go of any anger or potential drama and look ahead. Where Mr. Dressed and I take some time for ourselves, tear into presents with glee, and stuff ourselves silly to an endless loop of holiday music.

The Eagle Has Landed

The Eagle Has Landed - The Dressed Aesthetic

Did everyone feel that crazy tremor that went across the entire United States the other day, feeling as though it originated on the east coast of North Carolina? That, my friends, was the entire country sinking a bit as our shipping container docked! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, all of my vintage has made it safely across the sea!

A Fond Farewell

A Fond Farewell - The Dressed Aesthetic

As many of you know if you follow my Instagram, The Dressed Family has successfully moved to the States this week! It was a bit of a grueling trip (made ever-so-less grueling by the fact that I had squirreled away my air miles for the last year and wrangled us a Business Class Upgrade. I shall never be satisfied with flying cattle class again). However, we are now safely on US soil, complete with our loyal pets who survived their own overseas adventure with aplomb, and are all slowly recovering from our jet lag. 

Gone Astray: The Case of the Missing Suitcase

Gone Astray: The Case of the Missing Suitcase - The Dressed Aesthetic

Recently, I was on a bit of a whirlwind trip around the States, for work, then play, then work again. When I travel, as I’m sure is true for most of us, I like to bring my favorite things: The dress you always feel amazing in, my go-to shoes that go with everything (and never cause blisters), my most essential toiletries. I pack the things that are so much  part of my life that they’re almost an extension of me.  

Six Years & Counting

Six Years & Counting - The Dressed Aesthetic

This coming weekend marks my 6-year anniversary of being married to pretty much the best guy on earth for me. Simply put, we compliment each other. Cause it’s never about a perfect person (which just doesn’t exist) – but the perfect pairing. I’m always a bit surprised when our anniversary comes around, particularly attaching a number to our time together, because it’s honestly hard for me to remember a time  in my life when my husband wasn’t in it. 

Some Necessary Sparkle

Wardrobe Weaponry - The Dressed Aesthetic

In my opinion, there are certain items every woman needs in her wardrobe arsenal. These include (but are not limited to): (1) the perfect little black dress (paired with the the perfect red lipstick), (2) killer heels that put a swing in your hips and a raise of your eyebrow, (3) a vintage jacket to nip the waist in something fierce, (4) a sundress to twirl in and (5) the comfiest pajamas (I firmly believe in this last one. As much fun as it is to dress up, it’s SO much fun to come home and crawl into fleece).

Swimming Upstream

Swimming Upstream - The Dressed Aesthetic

The last two weeks saw this busy bunny taking to the skies again. My latest work adventure found me in Seattle to meet with some potential new collaborators. And a trip to the Pacific Northwest isn’t possible without your mind going to salmon. They have one of the biggest salmon fisheries in the world and, I have to say, they are mighty tasty. Given that they were on my mind, it’s no coincidence that this salmon-hued vintage frock, bought years ago from Dear Golden Vintage, swam it’s way up and out of my closet this weekend.