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Peaches & Green - The Dressed Aesthetic

And just like that, we’re back to our regularly scheduled program of teaching and writing lectures and teaching again. Spring Break was a great opportunity to play a bit of catch up, but as usual, it went by way to quickly and Monday was upon me before I could even put on the brakes. But, I survived my first week back and somehow even survived the brief snowstorm we had that left all of us North Carolinians feeling as if we had just entered the Twilight Zone….

Pumpkin Spice - The Dressed Aesthetic

In all of my planning, one event that I forgot to pack for was Halloween. In rummaging through my (woefully abbreviated) closet this weekend, there wasn’t a cat ear headband or a devil’s tail in sight. No fairy wings. No vampire fangs. Even my old standby blue gingham dress with my vintage barn purse for an instant Dorothy costume was packed away, not to be seen for a month or more. Thus, I was pretty much out of luck on the costume front. But, I knew that if I couldn’t fully get into the costumed-Halloween spirit, at least I could embrace…

Cat Got Your Tongue? - The Dressed Aesthetic

We are successfully transitioning into our lives here in the US. In truth, we still feel a bit as though we’re on vacation, as we’re visiting family in San Diego for the week and are in the all-too-familiar whirlwind of dinners out, meeting up with long-lost friends, and tripping over our many suitcases. All the makings of a good holiday.

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve been known to chase my fair share of rabbits into Vintage Wonderland. Despite the resolutions every so often that I’m cutting back on vintage purchases or enforcing a spending ban (I swear I mean them at the time), pieces like these will swan across my retinas and suddenly I’m completely powerless. I mean, the perfect border print dress? A vintage wicker novelty handbag shaped like a BUNNY? Show me the rabbit hole and wish me luck – I fall every time.

When Life Gives You Lemons - The Dressed Aesthetic

After every trip I ever go on, I always end up on the couch with a raging cold. As this was one of my most ambitious trips to date – with 5 weeks of travel across 12 flights, 5 cities, 2 coasts, and an exhilarating but exhausting mix of work and play – it’s no surprise I was rendered incapacitated. I arrived home and promptly collapsed. My body was DONE with me and, to show her rage at what I put her through, promptly robbed me of my voice and demanded antibiotics.

Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of the greatest things in my life is being able to watch my niece grow up – granted, much of this observing has to be done from afar via FaceTime, but every time I get to spend time with her I’m in awe of the person she is becoming. The amazing person she already is. My second greatest thing is probably the fact that, for every dress I make myself, I can make her a miniature version and marvel in the unending cuteness.

'Petal' to the Metal - The Dressed Aesthetic

I come from a long line of lead-footed women. What I mean to say is that speedy driving runs in my blood. I learned to drive on the streets of Boston, where people don’t mess around. Where speed limits are merely suggestions and using your blinker is a sign of fear. So, after moving to Perth 5 years ago I really had to acclimate to an entirely different driving culture. One of politeness, of obeying traffic laws. Where people merrily let you merge and if you edge so much as 5km over the speed limit, you can be just as sure…

Love to Love You - The Dressed Aesthetic

There is something about a springtime vintage floral print that can bring a bit of sunshine into the dreariest of days. As if the minute you slip it over your head, the sun perks up and pushes her way through the clouds just to get a glimpse. And it doesn’t matter how many I own, the minute I spy another I am powerless to resist. I just love to love them.