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Free at Last - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, I can hardly believe it, but I survived my first semester as a fully fledged professor! I gave my last lecture on Wednesday, and feel as though I’m completely justified in racing around bellowing, “Free at last! Free at Last!” There are no words to describe the madness of moving across the world, learning a completely new city, starting a completely new job, and being thrust into two completely new courses. Let’s just say the word “new” is going to be a bit taboo around here for awhile (unless, of course, the word “new” is followed by “dress”, “shoes”,…

Spring Chicken - The Dressed Aesthetic

I can definitely swing a little saccharine in my clothing choices. Ruffles, lace, flouncy skirts – they all have a place in my closet. So when I spied this sugary-sweet novelty print 1950’s dress from Second Skin Vintage, with her pastel hues and rows of chirping baby birds, I knew I had found the perfect Easter frock to help me ring in the Spring. Tis the season for pastels after all….

Tea For Two - The Dressed Aesthetic (Retrospec'd Vivian dress)

Good news everyone – I survived my first day of school! Truth be told, it was a pretty easy first day. As my classes don’t start until Monday, it was very similar to every other day before: namely, write lectures frantically. The main difference being that this time, I actually had to get dressed before noon. Am I the only one who relishes being able to work in her pajamas??

Flock Together - The Dressed Aesthetic

The past week has me thinking a lot about unity and divisiveness. After my last post, I found it very interesting that I lost a fair few subscribers. Nothing crazy, but a noticeable number. And I’m really okay with that. As I’ve said before, I personally believe discussion incites progress. Difference of opinion is healthy and should be championed, but hate should not. I didn’t feel that there was anything inflammatory in my post – rather, I wanted to share a message of unity. Of coming together. Of finding a way through. But, if any of my followers much preferred me…

Carnival: The Value of Art - The Dressed Aesthetic

When I entered in high school I was a ridiculously shy kid. I had been horribly bullied as a child and really struggled with having confidence in who I was. As most schools put a huge emphasis on athletics, I always felt somewhat on the outskirts of extracurricular activities because I don’t have an athletic bone in my body (Seriously. I’m tall, but just can’t seem to get the ball through the hoop). But, my high school miraculously put an equal value on sports and the arts. And I discovered theatre – which was kind of like landing on the island of misfit toys…

Tiny Dancer - The Dressed Aesthetic

When I was in college, one of my roommates was convinced the lyrics to Elton John’s classic “Tiny Dancer” were about Tony Danza. Who’s The Boss himself. As in, “Hold me closer Tony Danza.” I remember dissolving into fits of giggles when I heard this, which commenced the Quote Board, that hung on the back of our door our entire senior year and soon became filled with things that only we would understand.

So Long, Farewell - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, that day that we’ve been prepping for and planning for is finally upon us. I don’t think there’s any way to really describe the enormity of moving across the world. The stress and chaos. The plans you make to visit all of your favorite beaches that hold your favorite memories (that never seems to happen). The way you try to savor each moment with the people you’re leaving behind (that somehow is over far too quickly). All the while trying to figure out which parts of your life to weed out – what to pack, what not to pack? What…

Take A Bow - The Dressed Aesthetic

Moving across the world (and having that moving date bear down menacingly on you) naturally comes with a lot of lasts and a lot of goodbyes. Dinners and coffees with friends usually end nowadays with the knowledge that we may not see them again for a very long time. We find ourselves really savoring our favorite restaurants and bidding a quiet farewell to our favorite beaches, knowing that no matter how many times we say that we’ll be back one last time before we go, it’s just not realistic that we’ll get to it all. Time is relentlessly ticking down to…

Mahjong Along - The Dressed Aesthetic

There are some dresses that you just feel absolutely smashing in. That you know you can always reach for and appreciate for their perfect fit and ease. For me, Trashy Diva dresses always fall into this category. I’m building quite a collection (coming onto 10 now) and they’re always the dresses I slip into my suitcase or pull on when I need a bit of extra oomph.

Window to the Past - The Dressed Aesthetic

Like any good vintage-loving girl, I can’t help but romanticize the past. I fully acknowledge we have the luxury of looking back with rose colored glasses, and gazing at historical paintings or imagining the romance of the Renaissance and a life lived on horseback is very likely not all it’s cracked up to be (I mean, they didn’t even have indoor plumbing. Or wifi). But, in the crazy, fast paced world we live in, there is something so appealing about a simpler time.