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{Review} Bad Moon Rising: Annie Night Sky Print Swing Dress - The Dressed Aesthetic

I must admit, I’m not one who gets all that into Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love to dress up and can carve pumpkins with the best of ’em. But, when it comes to fashion, my heart doesn’t skip a beat for skull prints or cobwebs. I’ve always hated horror movies, avoid haunted houses like the plague, and derive no pleasure from being scared out of my whits. So, when I see a dress that is uber Halloween-specific, I’ll often pass it by in favor of one that can be styled for spooky purposes, but can also be worn…

Tea For Two - The Dressed Aesthetic (Retrospec'd Vivian dress)

Good news everyone – I survived my first day of school! Truth be told, it was a pretty easy first day. As my classes don’t start until Monday, it was very similar to every other day before: namely, write lectures frantically. The main difference being that this time, I actually had to get dressed before noon. Am I the only one who relishes being able to work in her pajamas??

Window to the Past - The Dressed Aesthetic

Like any good vintage-loving girl, I can’t help but romanticize the past. I fully acknowledge we have the luxury of looking back with rose colored glasses, and gazing at historical paintings or imagining the romance of the Renaissance and a life lived on horseback is very likely not all it’s cracked up to be (I mean, they didn’t even have indoor plumbing. Or wifi). But, in the crazy, fast paced world we live in, there is something so appealing about a simpler time. 

I think we all have certain elements of clothing we just can’t resist. For me, that element is a beautiful print. In particular, a scenic print. And it honestly doesn’t matter how many scenic print dresses Bernie Dexter produces – I will want them all! I try (with a certain degree of effort) to minimize my scenic print craze to one-print per style, and I’m proud to say that while my resistance often fails on many counts, this is my first of her Paris style dresses.

The Luck of the Irish - The Dressed Aesthetic

St. Patrick’s Day has always been one of my favorite holidays. I’m 1/4th Irish, and that translates to pale bespeckled skin, a love of Irish pubs, and endless amounts of corned beef and cabbage gobbled each year (though the whole ‘Irish temper’ thing seems to have evaded me). So, I generally bust out my favorite green frocks on 17 March without fail to celebrate and I was pretty excited with this year’s selection….

The French Quarter - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of my favorite things and simultaneously most frustrating things about my wardrobe is how things can hide. Garments tuck themselves into corners and no matter how much I wear them, they still manage to slip from my memory. But, on the plus, flipping through the racks means I get to rediscover them and fall in love all over again. This Trashy Diva dress and I shared exactly that moment this morning. Gone but not forgotten, with her French Quarter print and sounds of jazz swirling from her skirts. Our eyes met across a crowded wardrobe and with a slow smile, we…

She Sells Seashells - The Dressed Aesthetic

The ocean is and will forever be in my blood. Ever since I was a kid, you simply couldn’t get me out of the waves. And I grew up in New England, where the sea is not known for being a friend to those of us who like to avoid hypothermia. Even still, I would swim until my fingers became pruney and I was nearly cooked like a lobster in the sun, simultaneously shivering from the cold. But, I loved it. And through to adulthood, whenever I was having a terrible day, I would find solace in the ocean and throw my…

Bright Lights, Big City - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve done a fair bit of traveling in my life, and have lived in some weird and wonderful places. From the bright lights of Boston all the way to a tiny fishing village in New Zealand, back to sunny San Diego and then across to peaceful Perth. And although I would never call myself a City Girl, because I love the outdoors too much, there is just something about the pace of a bustling metropolis that feels so invigorating.

My love of scenic prints knows no bounds. I have a particularly soft spot for photo realistic prints, and as Spring is looming here in Australia, flowers are blooming and so is my wardrobe. The bright red poppies on this Chicwish skirt just sing out for warm weather and skipping through fields and falling asleep in the shade of your favorite tree. Naturally a conversation about poppies turns my mind to the Wizard of Oz and the closer I look, I realized I have an deconstructed, Dorothy-themed outfit, complete with ruby slippers and a hot air balloon brooch (I swear, sometimes…

When things get chaotic in my world, I always find solace in browsing the web. A pretty dangerous activity, as most of my bookmarks lead straight to my favorite vintage sellers and always induce at least one or two heart attacks at the beauty that lies within. I’ve spent the past week in Cairns at a conference, and have found myself falling into the pattern of browsing my favorite websites to unwind from the busy day full of sciencing. y inability to turn my mind off at the end of a chaotic day is definitely your gain, as I’ve pulled together…