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Lust List #27: Christmas Wish List - The Dressed Aesthetic

Ohhh I just love this time of year! The weather is crisp, the egg nog starts flowing, and all of my favorite shops start to glitter with items to add to my wishlist. Despite the fact that life has been insanely busy lately, I cannot deny that I’ve made some time to write to Santa and let him know there are more than a few things I’m hoping will turn up under my tree this year… 

Trade You - The Dressed Aesthetic

I have been collecting vintage for as far back as I can remember. True, in the early days, it hadn’t cemented as a true passion just yet. Hours spent in the costume closet of my high school theatre made me feel a kinship to the garments I would find there. As if they too were the misfits, where a layer of dust and circumstance had rendered them forgotten pieces of fashion past.

Plaid Averse - The Dressed Aesthetic

Although I try to block it from my memory, I had a few years in Catholic school as a kid. And though it was certainly the best option at the time, flashbacks of those plaid school uniforms still haunt me. The stiff pleated skirt. The starchy white blouses. And despite the fact that we all had to wear identical uniforms, somehow I still always managed to do it wrong (at least according to the girls in my class.) Let’s just say, it took me a very long time to dissociate plaid from those years of bullying. But, I’m officially Taking…

Candy Floss - The Dressed Aesthetic

You know how some clothing items are simply practical? You buy them for specific purposes – like gardening clothes or what you wear to the gym. Trainers for running or a business suit for work. Utilitarian and an important part of any wardrobe. And then there are other kinds of clothes. The ones of whimsy and sass. Of color and exuberance. And those dresses are pure fairy tale…

Happy Holidays - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, that day is finally upon us – Happy Christmas and Merry Hanukkah everyone! I know that this day can mean different things to different people. For me, this is time when I take a deep breath. Where I try to let go of any anger or potential drama and look ahead. Where Mr. Dressed and I take some time for ourselves, tear into presents with glee, and stuff ourselves silly to an endless loop of holiday music.

Wardrobe Weaponry - The Dressed Aesthetic

In my opinion, there are certain items every woman needs in her wardrobe arsenal. These include (but are not limited to): (1) the perfect little black dress (paired with the the perfect red lipstick), (2) killer heels that put a swing in your hips and a raise of your eyebrow, (3) a vintage jacket to nip the waist in something fierce, (4) a sundress to twirl in and (5) the comfiest pajamas (I firmly believe in this last one. As much fun as it is to dress up, it’s SO much fun to come home and crawl into fleece).

Swimming Upstream - The Dressed Aesthetic

The last two weeks saw this busy bunny taking to the skies again. My latest work adventure found me in Seattle to meet with some potential new collaborators. And a trip to the Pacific Northwest isn’t possible without your mind going to salmon. They have one of the biggest salmon fisheries in the world and, I have to say, they are mighty tasty. Given that they were on my mind, it’s no coincidence that this salmon-hued vintage frock, bought years ago from Dear Golden Vintage, swam it’s way up and out of my closet this weekend.

Wouldn't It Be Lovely - The Dressed Aesthetic

I have finally returned from my crazy trek around the world and am wallowing a bit in my jet lag and post-travel cold (that I always seem to get). A whopping 36 hours in transit isn’t the most pleasant experience, but I have to say I still marvel at how small the world has become. How I can get on an airplane (okay 4) and miraculously find myself on the opposite side of the planet. And how liberating that feeling is. As though anywhere – and anything – is within reach.

Love is in the Air - The Dressed Aesthetic

As we all know, that all loved up day that comes but once a year has come around the mountain again. Where the world succumbs to a glittery, heart-shaped confetti explosion at every turn. I know that a lot of people are pretty down on the whole concept of Valentine’s Day. Dubbing it “Black Sunday” and cursing it into oblivion. But, I think the V-Day tends to get a bad rep: “It’s a Hallmark Holiday,” “It was invented by the candy companies,” “It mocks singletons”….etc etc etc. We’ve all heard them (and some we may individually agree with). But, much like any…

Constellations - The Dressed Aesthetic

We all have features about ourselves that we try to hide. Try to cover up, deflecting the gaze of passersby to other things. Maybe this is a birthmark you find unsightly, an area of your body you wish you could tone. Whether it’s stature or shape or a tiny feature no one notices except you, in your heart they are your cross to bear. But the truth is, these beautiful ‘flaws’ mark a roadmap to who you truly are, and should never be hidden away.