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Candy Coated Memory - The Dressed Aesthetic

Recently in my Neurobiology class I’ve been teaching the students about the neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory. The ways we can learn names, faces, and dates and evoke things long forgotten from our childhood. The ways that we form neocortical assemblies behind the things we remember, where a whisper of a perfume or a few notes of a song can trigger recall of the entire memory.

Family Ties - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve been realizing that my blog represents a convenient dichotomy – though inherently personal, I often don’t show too much of my life here with the exception of my daily outfits and sewing adventures. So, while you have a glimpse into my day to day, some of the most important things in my life rarely get to meet these cyber pages.

'Petal' to the Metal - The Dressed Aesthetic

I come from a long line of lead-footed women. What I mean to say is that speedy driving runs in my blood. I learned to drive on the streets of Boston, where people don’t mess around. Where speed limits are merely suggestions and using your blinker is a sign of fear. So, after moving to Perth 5 years ago I really had to acclimate to an entirely different driving culture. One of politeness, of obeying traffic laws. Where people merrily let you merge and if you edge so much as 5km over the speed limit, you can be just as sure…

{Favorites}: Fly by Feb - The Dressed Aesthetic

Another month has come and gone, and this one was a serious whip-lash inducing frenzy of work, work and more work! I have to say, for being a shortened month, I felt as though I crammed in more than usual. It was certainly productive – from the successful course (which was done and dusted as of Friday), progress on a few new projects, and I somehow managed to not twitch myself into an oblivion despite the over abundance of caffeine.

The Children's Hour - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s a certain time of day referred to as “The Children’s Hour”, which is that moment just between the end of day and the start of night. It’s origin’s were in a poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, published in 1860, where just before sunset was described as “A pause in the day’s occupations.” Though the poem is essentially about a father and his children, there was always something so melancholy to me about it. As if we can stop time before darkness falls. As if we can spot our long gone innocence in that moment, before we have to go and…

The French Quarter - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of my favorite things and simultaneously most frustrating things about my wardrobe is how things can hide. Garments tuck themselves into corners and no matter how much I wear them, they still manage to slip from my memory. But, on the plus, flipping through the racks means I get to rediscover them and fall in love all over again. This Trashy Diva dress and I shared exactly that moment this morning. Gone but not forgotten, with her French Quarter print and sounds of jazz swirling from her skirts. Our eyes met across a crowded wardrobe and with a slow smile, we…

We'll Always Have Paris - The Dressed Aesthetic

As we’ve burst forth into a new year, I can’t help but cast a glance back now and then on the year we just bid farewell too. It’s interesting what evokes memories – a smell, a song, a glance at a person’s profile that spins you into a déjà vu moment. I spent a lovely afternoon on Sunday at one of my Perth favorites – Oh Henry Vintage. When I got home, delighting in my spoils (coming soon to a blog post near you), I caught a glimpse of another dress from Oh Henry that I hadn’t worn in awhile. I…

Beauty Keen - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’m sure I’m not the only one who wakes up on occasion and just wishes that, instead of work, I could go to the beach instead. Now, I know what you’re all thinking: “Ummm…aren’t you a marine biologist? Don’t you work at the beach?” I have a sad reality to confess (especially to any younguns out there who dream of becoming a marine biologist so they can spend their days sunbathing and swimming with dolphins): Although I hate to rain on the Awesome Job Fantasy Parade, most of the time we sad seafarers are in the lab looking down a microscope…

Natural Selection - The Dressed Aesthetic

Sometimes, just thinking about the history of ideas can give me goosebumps. To imagine the things that were once societally accepted as fact, until someone’s crazy, outside-of-the-box idea challenged it. To be there on the day someone bravely raised their hand, amidst the sneers and rotten tomatoes lobbed there way, and said, “Err…come on guys.” There was a time when everyone accepted the world was flat. That the sick could be heeled by bleeding them. That smoking had no adverse health effects. That Donald Trump was an acceptable presidential candidate. Come on guys.

Kiss & Tell - The Dressed Aesthetic

The lovely, last sighing strains of my Christmas holiday have come to a close, and I’m gearing up for a very busy few months ahead. Sigh. The first day back at work after a blissfully long holiday is always the hardest. Particularly without the comfort of (what became my) daily afternoon nap to ease the blow. The stacks of emails in my inbox, the meeting requests, and publications that I planned to get to once I was back. Well, I’m officially back and they’re demanding attention. God, I miss my hammock already….