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Parasol Parade

Parasol Parade - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s a big part of me that gets a complete kick out of dressing in themes. And I don’t mean in a costume sense (though I can rock a Dorothy moment like nobodies’ business). I mean that if I see a seaside print I start having visions of starfish necklaces and glittery seafoam heels. Florals instantly have me reaching for a butterfly purse. Red gingham and I simply can’t help but don my apple necklace and a basket bag, just to look like a human picnic.

Candy Floss

Candy Floss - The Dressed Aesthetic

You know how some clothing items are simply practical? You buy them for specific purposes – like gardening clothes or what you wear to the gym. Trainers for running or a business suit for work. Utilitarian and an important part of any wardrobe. And then there are other kinds of clothes. The ones of whimsy and sass. Of color and exuberance. And those dresses are pure fairy tale…


Flowercide - The Dressed Aesthetic

On more than one occasion, I have committed flowercide. Okay, it’s been more than 12 occasions. I don’t know what it is, but gardening just doesn’t reside in my veins. And I always start out with the best of intentions. A few weeks ago, Mr. Dressed and I went out and selected some lovely flowering plants to speckle our garden and front patio. Pinks and purples and creams. It was a flowering paradise. For about 2 weeks. I’m sad to say that this week our porch looks like a horticulture crime scene.

Candy Coated Memory

Candy Coated Memory - The Dressed Aesthetic

Recently in my Neurobiology class I’ve been teaching the students about the neural mechanisms underlying learning and memory. The ways we can learn names, faces, and dates and evoke things long forgotten from our childhood. The ways that we form neocortical assemblies behind the things we remember, where a whisper of a perfume or a few notes of a song can trigger recall of the entire memory.

Family Ties

Family Ties - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve been realizing that my blog represents a convenient dichotomy – though inherently personal, I often don’t show too much of my life here with the exception of my daily outfits and sewing adventures. So, while you have a glimpse into my day to day, some of the most important things in my life rarely get to meet these cyber pages.

‘Petal’ to the Metal

'Petal' to the Metal - The Dressed Aesthetic

I come from a long line of lead-footed women. What I mean to say is that speedy driving runs in my blood. I learned to drive on the streets of Boston, where people don’t mess around. Where speed limits are merely suggestions and using your blinker is a sign of fear. So, after moving to Perth 5 years ago I really had to acclimate to an entirely different driving culture. One of politeness, of obeying traffic laws. Where people merrily let you merge and if you edge so much as 5km over the speed limit, you can be just as sure…

{Favorites}: Fly By Feb

{Favorites}: Fly by Feb - The Dressed Aesthetic

Another month has come and gone, and this one was a serious whip-lash inducing frenzy of work, work and more work! I have to say, for being a shortened month, I felt as though I crammed in more than usual. It was certainly productive – from the successful course (which was done and dusted as of Friday), progress on a few new projects, and I somehow managed to not twitch myself into an oblivion despite the over abundance of caffeine.