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Lucky Bug - The Dressed Aesthetic

I am not a gal who can resist a novelty print. Especially one you can’t quite see what it is until you get up close. It’s imbued with a sort of magic – as if it has a hidden secret you can only whisper in close proximity. I’ve seen this amazing clover dress with those magical, sporadic ladybugs a few times now in my vintage adventures. And yet, it was never quite right. She was either way too small or I was way too slow. And because I’m a believer in vintage karma, I knew I just had to wait…

Just My Type - The Dressed Aesthetic

None of us ever want to admit we have a type. No matter how much our friends say we’re predictable, we want to believe that we’re all open minded and never shallow enough as to gravitate towards a formulaic list of characteristics. And yet, when you look back at your track record, chances are there is an inevitable pattern…

Hat's Off - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve never really been a hat person. There are a million reasons for this, not the least of which is my abnormally large head (I swear, most hats sit on top of my head. Literally, perched). Truth is, I’ve never been a fan of how I looked in hats. I’ve branched out a few times for the perfect vintage hat (case in point), but it’s definitely been a fashion category I have yet to fully exploit.

Lust List #25 - The Dressed Aesthetic

A few weeks back I had my annual closet clearout. It’s always such a good feeling to pass on things you no longer wear to fellow vintage-lovers who can be another chapter in their story. But, as my husband always says, it’s not really a closet clearout. It’s really a “Make Room for New Dresses.” He clearly doesn’t know me at all…

Parasol Parade - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s a big part of me that gets a complete kick out of dressing in themes. And I don’t mean in a costume sense (though I can rock a Dorothy moment like nobodies’ business). I mean that if I see a seaside print I start having visions of starfish necklaces and glittery seafoam heels. Florals instantly have me reaching for a butterfly purse. Red gingham and I simply can’t help but don my apple necklace and a basket bag, just to look like a human picnic.

Lucky Charms - The Dressed Aesthetic

When I was a kid, we weren’t allowed to eat “sugar cereals” outside of a special treat. And in our house, a sugar cereal meant anything where sugar was the first or second ingredient on the nutrition panel. I remember scouring box after box in the breakfast aisle, crossing my fingers. But, alas, none of the ones you want as a kid – from the cartoon bunny to the adorable bumble bee – would make the cut. So, Cheerios and Rice Checks were plentiful in my house, but many a chocolatey count or crunchy captain were relegated to staying in the…

The Unicorn - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s a way that we in the vintage-community refer to The Dress That Got Away. Either we saw it for sale but were a second too slow, or we found it in a size that would fit only one leg, or we spied it from afar on someone else, only to forever be burned in our brain. We refer to these elusive creatures as our Unicorn – whether it actually exists in nature in our size, to cross our path at the right time, we may never know. But that doesn’t mean we ever give up the hunt.