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Curtain Call - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve had a love for theatre ever since I was really young. I was definitely the shy, quiet kid who found herself amongst like-minded misfits. Theatre tends to attract other creative souls who want nothing more than to be themselves and somehow find it in becoming someone else for a few hours. I made some of the best friends of my life in those shows: performing, stage managing, painting sets, and flipping through racks in the costume closet. And there was something magic about the curtain call. Not just the feeling of being applauded for something I truly loved. But,…

Rainy Day Hues - The Dressed Aesthetic

There is a lot of clothing in our life that is utilitarian. Winter coats. Pajamas. Gardening gloves. Certain items that are necessary in life. And because they’re necessary, they don’t always have an awful lot of flavor. But I am of the mind that, in the case of utilitarian clothing, I have just one rule: If I must wear it, dear god let it be cute!

It's Irrelephant - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve never been one to take something at face value. I’ve written before about how we can get creative with our clothes – use a hatbox as a handbag, wear a belt as a headband, and dig into your earring collection as a means to spruce up your lapel. And I feel my eyes are always scanning for things to be used in a manner they were potentially never intended.

Sock Hop - The Dressed Aesthetic

I think we all have learned to recognize those iconic silhouettes. Whether you are a student of fashion or simply a student of pop culture, I think you all have an image you can conjure when you hear a certain era. Most people hear the 1920’s and picture a perfect flapper dress, all twinkly fringe in a Great Gatsby Wonderland. You hear the 70’s and picture bright colors atop a perfect pair of flares, with flavors of disco and freedom. And you hear the 50’s and, from wiggle dresses to Dior New Look, there’s an unmistakeable silhouette that comes to…

Sea Farer - The Dressed Aesthetic

It’s been a really, really long time since I shopped for an event. And by that, I don’t mean it’s been a really long time since I shopped (she laughs riotously internally). I mean, I can’t remember the last time I bought a dress because I had a wedding to attend. Or a fancy date night on the weekend. An important work meeting. And trust me, I have a lot of all of those things on the horizon. But, I realize I’ve fallen into the pattern of buying things when they speak to me. And inevitably, the event always follows….

After Midnight - The Dressed Aesthetic

We all know the timeless story of Cinderella. And whenever I think of it, it always conjures up images of the fairy tale. The gorgeous gown, the jeweled slippers, dancing with the handsome prince in a grand ballroom. But, I’m just as interested in the time after the clock chimes midnight. Where the coach turns back into a pumpkin. Where Cinderella goes home, kicks off her glass slipper and rubs her aching feet, takes off her bra and becomes the vulnerable, fresh-faced version of herself again.

What the Muff?!? - The Dressed Aesthetic

Last week the unthinkable happened: It snowed in North Carolina! As true southerners, the entire city panicked: it was coined it a Frozen Cyclone Bomb and the world shut down for two days. Now, being someone who grew up in Boston, I had to laugh a little at the reaction to what was about 3 inches of snow (and admittedly some pretty icy road conditions). But, I can’t say I minded staying snuggled indoors with my Mister, enjoying the last of the homemade cheesecake and Christmas leftovers, with the wintery wonderland swirling outside our window.

Go Bright or Go Home - The Dressed Aesthetic

I think for a lot of people, winter is a time for neutrals. It’s where I most often see black, dark browns, and taupes gracing the walkways. Occasionally I catch a glimpse of a cherry red coat here and there, but cold seems to invite layers of chocolate and navy. Of the somber and grey. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not very good at playing by winter’s rules…

{Favorites} A Year in the Life 2017

Happy New Year friends! As another year passes, it’s only natural to look back on the year before at everything that’s come to pass – the good, the bad, the crazy. And I am forever grateful each year for my personal slice of web space, which allows me to return to a time in my life instantly. Where I just have to look at a certain dress and be transported back to exactly how I felt at that moment in time.

Jingle Bells - The Dressed Aesthetic

There is no other time of year imbued with more magic than Christmas. It feels like the minute December 1st hits, everywhere starts to take on a bit of extra sparkle (and a bit of extra frenetic energy that only the stress of Christmas shopping can bring). By some miracle, I managed to finish my Christmas shopping last week and all things that needed to be shipped are safely in their intended destinations. Which gives me just enough time to sip cocoa and soak up a bit of Christmas magic.