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Lust List #27: Christmas Wish List - The Dressed Aesthetic

Ohhh I just love this time of year! The weather is crisp, the egg nog starts flowing, and all of my favorite shops start to glitter with items to add to my wishlist. Despite the fact that life has been insanely busy lately, I cannot deny that I’ve made some time to write to Santa and let him know there are more than a few things I’m hoping will turn up under my tree this year… 

Lust List #26 - The Dressed Aesthetic

What a crazy few months this has been! We started off the new semester (with a new course to prep and new students to corral) and I was immediately whipped into a frenzy of classes and research and trying to continue to set up the lab. And now that October is nearly upon us, my mind starts to instantly travel to styling spooky looks for Halloween. Hey, what’s the point of having a lab full of brains if you can’t get in a zombie mood now and then?

Shop Till You Drop: Black Friday Deals! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I hope everyone who celebrates the day had an amazing Thanksgiving! Although it’s been a rough month, there is still a lot to be thankful for. We’ve had my family here for the week, which literally made my heart burst with joy. Granted we had no furniture in the house and had a bit of a picnic-style dinner, but I actually think that made it all the more special. And now we’re onto my next favorite pastime: Shopping for my favorite people. 

Lust List #18 - The Dressed Aesthetic

Murphy’s Law always states that when you can least afford to shop, all you’ll find are things you wish you could buy. And when you have a bit of extra cash and want to splurge on yourself, you can’t find a single thing that strikes your fancy. I generally fall into the former category. All. The. Time.

Lust List #17 - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve spent the last month and a half skipping around the States (and racking up a fair number of air miles – woot!). Despite loving my time in each city, the hardest part of travel is always the amount of time spent languishing in airports. I’ve definitely noticed over the past few years, however, that free wifi is all the rage. Thus, enter my favorite pastime: Online shopping.

Lust List #15 - The Dressed Aesthetic

Ahhh it’s so nice when life returns to it’s normal level of crazy! It’s incredible how disruptions in the regularly scheduled program can make things feel all out of whack. But (for the time being) I’m actually in this time zone, healthy, and experiencing a workload that only makes my head spin the standard amount, as opposed to helping me audition as an extra in The Exorcist…

Lust List #13 - The Dressed Aesthetic

With Easter nearly upon us, I can’t help but swoon over all of the pastel, floral, and frothy confections floating around the net. Though most will find me crazy, I don’t crave chocolate and am not particularly excited about the sweet-tooth side of the holidays (a few chocolate eggs and I’m happy). But the confections that I can wear? THAT is just eggs-cellent…. hanks to the loveliest of family and friends, quite a few items from my birthday wishlist made it to my front door and straight into my closet! On the heels of those spoils, this Lust List is just a…