Apple Pie - The Dressed Aesthetic

Have you ever noticed how particular clothing items can evoke certain kinds of food? Like a cocktail dress and a perfect martini (that one’s a given). Or an ocean print dress and a clambake. And if this beautiful 1950’s dress from a newly discovered shop Sweet Life Vintage were a culinary delight, she would almost certainly be apple pie. Warm and sweet with just a little bit of tarty sass.

{Favorites} Na Na Na Na November - The Dressed Aesthetic

For some reason, I can’t get the “Goodbye” song out of my head. You know, the “Na na na-na…na na na-na…hey hey hey…goodbye!” Don’t you hate when you hear a whip of a song somewhere and find yourself singing it FOREVER? The only cure for it is usually to hunt down the song and play it in it’s entirety. Then, whatever it is in your soul that was craving that particular song is satisfied and will move on to other things.

Trip the Fit Fantastic: Customization with eShakti - The Dressed Aesthetic

As many of you know, I am all about finding clothing that makes a woman feel her best. Now, we all have colors or certain silhouettes we gravitate to, and these are all important on our road to confidence. But to me, regardless of fabric or cut, the most important aspect of achieving the goal of “I Feel Fab” is the perfect fit. Enter the latest shopping generation: Customizable Clothing.

Shop Till You Drop: Black Friday Deals! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I hope everyone who celebrates the day had an amazing Thanksgiving! Although it’s been a rough month, there is still a lot to be thankful for. We’ve had my family here for the week, which literally made my heart burst with joy. Granted we had no furniture in the house and had a bit of a picnic-style dinner, but I actually think that made it all the more special. And now we’re onto my next favorite pastime: Shopping for my favorite people. 

I Choose a Fit! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I am a proud aunt to a precocious, brilliant 4-year old (you all met her when we dazzled audiences the world over in our matching dresses). Well, one of the best parts of my day is hands-down when my sister posts the things my niece Brynn says on FB (I’m trying to get her to start a Tumblr. It is hilarious). Bearing in mind that the kid is four, she comes out with some beauties. But there was always a part of me that wondered if she really said these things, or if my sister is just an amazing storyteller with a tendency…

Lust List #21: The Christmas Gift Guide 2016

I suddenly realized the holidays are nearly upon us! This will be our first back in the States in over 5 years and our first in North Carolina full stop. In addition to being ridiculously excited to take advantage of domestic US shipping (ohhh the joy of not paying $40 to ship something!) and being closer to home, I’m really motivated to start making a difference with my shopping dollars. After my recent post about the importance of supporting artists and entrepreneurs, I decided it was high time to do my annual Christmas Gift Guide purely from small businesses!

Monochrome…almost - The Dressed Aesthetic

I make no secret of the fact that I love color. The bright and vibrant. The muted and soft. I love color in prints and solids and stacked on top of each other like a fashionable rainbow. I’m the gal wearing bright yellow on the greyest of days. As such, it’s really difficult sometimes for me to work in monochrome. I started this look with a mission to stick to black and white. Feeling a lot like Dorothy before she opens the door to technicolor, my hands itched towards adding a red cardigan or a pop color shoe. Hi my name…

Flock Together - The Dressed Aesthetic

The past week has me thinking a lot about unity and divisiveness. After my last post, I found it very interesting that I lost a fair few subscribers. Nothing crazy, but a noticeable number. And I’m really okay with that. As I’ve said before, I personally believe discussion incites progress. Difference of opinion is healthy and should be championed, but hate should not. I didn’t feel that there was anything inflammatory in my post – rather, I wanted to share a message of unity. Of coming together. Of finding a way through. But, if any of my followers much preferred me…