Lemon Streusel - The Dressed Aesthetic

I know a lot of people have a slight aversion to yellow – for some reason, it’s the dress that’s passed by or the paint color not chosen. I couldn’t disagree more. Yellow is and will forever be my happy color. The day always takes on a sunnier hue when I wear it and this pinstriped party frock in particular is her very own sunburst.

Take A Bow - The Dressed Aesthetic

Moving across the world (and having that moving date bear down menacingly on you) naturally comes with a lot of lasts and a lot of goodbyes. Dinners and coffees with friends usually end nowadays with the knowledge that we may not see them again for a very long time. We find ourselves really savoring our favorite restaurants and bidding a quiet farewell to our favorite beaches, knowing that no matter how many times we say that we’ll be back one last time before we go, it’s just not realistic that we’ll get to it all. Time is relentlessly ticking down to…

Times They Are a Changin' - The Dressed Aesthetic

There are certain times in our lives where we have to roll with the punches. Where small, unexpected changes hit and we have to zig or zag and figure out how to regain our balance. And there are others that are pretty major. Where no amount of zigging or zagging will prepare you for the tidal wave of crazy about to hit. Without getting too dramatic about it, there are some pretty big changes coming up in The Dressed Aesthetic household.

Mahjong Along - The Dressed Aesthetic

There are some dresses that you just feel absolutely smashing in. That you know you can always reach for and appreciate for their perfect fit and ease. For me, Trashy Diva dresses always fall into this category. I’m building quite a collection (coming onto 10 now) and they’re always the dresses I slip into my suitcase or pull on when I need a bit of extra oomph.

Grass is Always Greener - The Dressed Aesthetic

No matter how great anything is, we can’t help but be drawn to something else. What we once had. What someone else has. A different dress, shoes, circumstance. Personally, I find myself hopelessly drawn to whatever season I’m not in. If it’s winter, I only feel inspired to style summery looks. In summer, I start dreaming of cozy layers and fur trimmed coats. I just can’t seem to get myself on board with dressing for now.


I make no secret about my love of dresses. But, I hope I’ve equally conveyed how in love I am with handbags. Novelty bags, lucite, leather, suede. I want all the handbags. I admittedly went through a period of my life when I owned one handbag and never gave it a second thought (we shall pause to reflect on the horror). Needless to say, I’ve made up for lost time since then.

Frolic Time - The Dressed Aesthetic

Although I love the outside of a dress – the fabric, the detail, the embellishments – the sewing nerd in me will always love the parts you can’t see. The interior construction, the seam finishes, the thought put into the woman who may want to customize her. I also love when you can tell a dressmaker had a bit of a sense of humor. While I originally fell in love with this Greater Goods Vintage dress for her purply stripes, what truly stole my heart was the label within…

Weather You Like It Or Not - The Dressed Aesthetic

It has been raining nonstop in my corner of the world. And we’re talking all manner of rain. Big, fat saturating rain. Little spitting furious rain. Windswept biting rain. All of the above. Blustering wind, soggy shoes, and hair plastered against my face. It’s not pretty. I have felt waterlogged for weeks and less than impressed. It also makes taking blog photos that much more difficult (I know, I know, first world problems).