A Tisket, A Tasket - The Dressed Aesthetic

Thank you to everyone for your outpouring of love and support after my last post. Anyone who is or has been a pet owner has to experience the pain of losing a furry companion, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Somehow, writing it on the blog is yet another step in the healing process for me – almost as if being forced to put cyber-pen to cyber paper, I’m admitting it’s real. But I felt your collective hug and it meant more to me than I can ever say.

Goodbyes - The Dressed Aesthetic

This is probably the hardest blog post I’ve ever had to write. It’s a week old now, but I’m still in a period of disbelief. The week before last we had to say goodbye to our sweet, beloved pup. Words can’t describe how hard it is to let go and how devastated we are. It was the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make, but knowing the pain he was in, it was the only decision we could make.

Across the Miles - The Dressed Aesthetic

As I was digging through my (now thankfully expanded) wardrobe, I came across this stunning floral dress, purchased from the lovely Jessica of Pinup Persuasion. I couldn’t help but take a minute to marvel at the way this blog has brought me to meet so many amazing women around the world. Women (and men) who challenge me to be better, simply by allowing me a window into their own lives.

Good Morning, Professor - The Dressed Aesthetic

This morning marks my first lecture as a fully-fledged University professor. As you read this (chances are, as you are enjoying your morning coffee), I’m up in front of 94 undergrads trying to convince them that neuroscience is awesome and exciting (which they shouldn’t need to be convinced of, because neuroscience is, in fact, awesome and exciting. But, you know, youth). I’ve handed out the syllabus and am explaining just what they’re in for this semester. And, if I must say, I am wearing some pretty fabulous shoes while doing so…

Wardrobe Staples with LuLaRoe - The Dressed Aesthetic

We all love to have those special pieces – the ones waiting patiently in the back of our wardrobe, ready for a flick of tulle and a twinkle in your eye that promises a special occasion. But let’s be honest – more often than not, we find ourselves reaching for things in our closet for the every day. For our hectic workweek, our busy weekends. And that’s where these beauties come in: Our wardrobe staples.

Tea For Two - The Dressed Aesthetic (Retrospec'd Vivian dress)

Good news everyone – I survived my first day of school! Truth be told, it was a pretty easy first day. As my classes don’t start until Monday, it was very similar to every other day before: namely, write lectures frantically. The main difference being that this time, I actually had to get dressed before noon. Am I the only one who relishes being able to work in her pajamas??

First Day Jitters - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well that day is nearly here: The First Day of School. Of course, this time I’ll be behind the lecturn instead of sitting in the auditorium waiting to learn. I officially start my new Professorship tomorrow, and then have to impart wisdom on 94 eager (?) and willing (?) students a week later. I have to admit I’m shaking in my red sparkly boots a bit. I’ve been spending so long preparing for this moment – orchestrating the move, getting my lab samples safely to NC, building a home and frantically trying to write lectures in the hopes of being somewhat mentally prepared…

Bop Till you Drop: Reviewing Lindy Bop with Modern Millie!

Although my heart sings over true vintage – the heart stopping details, the gossamer thin fabrics, the attention to detail – I’m a gal who embraces her vintage-inspired frocks with fervor. For a lot of reasons – particularly the modern sizing, mashine-washability, and the fact that I don’t have to be quite so precious with them. But to be very honest, more often than not, it’s when a print is just too freakin’ cute that mere mortals such as myself cannot resist.

Happy Holidays - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, that day is finally upon us – Happy Christmas and Merry Hanukkah everyone! I know that this day can mean different things to different people. For me, this is time when I take a deep breath. Where I try to let go of any anger or potential drama and look ahead. Where Mr. Dressed and I take some time for ourselves, tear into presents with glee, and stuff ourselves silly to an endless loop of holiday music.