I think we all have certain elements of clothing we just can’t resist. For me, that element is a beautiful print. In particular, a scenic print. And it honestly doesn’t matter how many scenic print dresses Bernie Dexter produces – I will want them all! I try (with a certain degree of effort) to minimize my scenic print craze to one-print per style, and I’m proud to say that while my resistance often fails on many counts, this is my first of her Paris style dresses.

Dot, Dot, Dot... - The Dressed Aesthetic

Something you may have noticed in all of my ramblings, is that I tend to write the way I speak (not that you’ve all necessarily heard me speak, but I’m sure you can imagine it. Picture a whackadoo american-aussie hybrid accent speaking way too quickly). On the blog, I try to keep my writing fairly conversational and will jot down most things that pop into my head. Along with my stream of consciousness prose comes a tendency to abuse ellipses… You know, those magical three little dots that indicate a pregnant pause. An omission. A fill-in-the-blank…

Lust List #15 - The Dressed Aesthetic

Ahhh it’s so nice when life returns to it’s normal level of crazy! It’s incredible how disruptions in the regularly scheduled program can make things feel all out of whack. But (for the time being) I’m actually in this time zone, healthy, and experiencing a workload that only makes my head spin the standard amount, as opposed to helping me audition as an extra in The Exorcist…

Hot Fudge Sundae - The Dressed Aesthetic

I find that there are certain dresses you just can’t seem to get out of your head. This chocolatey number was just scrumptious – so much so that I would ‘visit’ her regularly (via the Trove Vintage Etsy shop), but never took the plunge to purchase her. She was one of those dresses that I couldn’t shake though – with amazing shoulder detail and the twirlable skirt of stratified cocoa hues, like the delicious layers of a hot fudge sundae, melting into perfection.

{Vintage Repair} : Well Red - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – one of the best parts of learning how to sew for me is the ability to see a dress that is very likely to be forgotten or discarded, and give her the opportunity to feel like new again. I spied this cherry red cutie at Pursuing Andie Vintage – an absolutely stunning Vicky Vaughn with lace trimmed collar and sleeves and a scalloped drop waist, all wrapped up in a cloud of dotted swiss adorableness.

A Fashionable Affair - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s nothing quite like a vintage novelty print. Though I admittedly love a good rose or gingham print, novelty prints somehow manage to feel like they go a bit against the grain. You know the ones I mean – the prints that were the rebels in school, with a healthy disrespect for authority, who marched to their own drum. They stood on the outskirts, removed from the plaids and the ditsy florals, listening to bands you had never heard of. So confident and cool, less entrenched in the opinions of others.

Bindaring Red Cross Clothing Sale - The Dressed Aesthetic

A few months ago I was contacted by the organizers of the Bindaring Red Cross Clothing Sale to see if I wanted to be involved and help them promote this wonderful event (taking place on 14th May at the Claremont Showground). If you’ve never heard of the Bindaring Clothing Sale before (I was admittedly a neophyte as well), this is a charitable event, selling new and vintage clothing and accessories, and all funds raised go to support local Red Cross services. Vintage and charity? I didn’t even hesitate.