Sun More Time

Sun More Time - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well, day we have all been dreading is nearly upon us: the End of Summer. I know for many of you you’re staring at your screen in disbelief. “Ummm, Kara? You know it’s only mid August, right? We’ve got weeks of summer left!” Sigh. If only. Tomorrow officially marks the first day of school. It’s back to writing lectures, proctoring exams, and seeing far less of my comfy bed than I’ve grown accustomed too these past few months…

{Review} Holy Pants! with Joanie Clothing

{Review} Holy Pants! with Joanie Clothing - The Dressed Aesthetic

Ladies and gentlemen, I am wearing pants. Now, before you start to think that the fabric of the universe has started to unravel, I must assure you that I am of sound mind and body and that, although this is an anomalous occurrence, it does in fact happen. Generally, it happens when I’m in the field chasing sharks, on a 36 hour flight, or, as in this case, when a pair of pants is just too cute to pass up….

Mad About You

Mad About You - The Dressed Aesthetic

Although I realize I am embarrassingly late to the party, I never managed to watch the Emmy winning show Mad Men when it was on (I know! don’t judge). While we lived in Australia, we were very much out of the loop with regards to when new shows were airing, because most things were many months behind, and got into a general habit of streaming old favorites and not really paying a lot of attention to shows that were au courant. 

{Review} Anything But Basic with Joanie Clothing

{Review} Anything But Basic with Joanie Clothing - The Dressed Aesthetic

To me, there are definitely some items in my closet I just couldn’t live without. Usually described as “basics,” these are the staples of your wardrobe. It should be the pieces you know you can reach for that go with just about everything. Now, in my world, this probably doesn’t mean what you think it means. I’m not talking about black pants and neutrals. I find the basic foundation of my wardrobe include full skirts, novelty prints, bright colors and that perfect go-with-everything striped tee…. 

Never Say Never

Never Say Never - The Dressed Aesthetic

These days I do the bulk of my shopping online. I think this is partly due to the natural progression of technology – there is a veritable ambrosia of options with the few clicks of a button. And when I lived in Australia, I struggled to find shops that had the kind of clothing I loved, so I would naturally venture cyber-ward more and more. After so many years of being used to online shopping, I developed a practiced eye for the way something might fit me – a model or blogger shot could usually reveal whether the cut would…

{Review} Introducing SAMDE La Jupe

{Review} Introducing SAMDE La Jupe - The Dressed Aesthetic

As is true for most of us, I’m always on the lookout for ways to spice up my wardrobe. Although I absolutely have my tried and true shops I frequent (both vintage and vintage inspired), discovering a new shop comes with it it’s own thrill. In particular, I love discovering new small businesses – shops that source local material and put time and care into the art they create. Enter SAMDE La Jupe.

Vitamin Sea

Vitamin Sea - The Dressed Aesthetic

It’s impossible to be stressed when you’re staring out to sea. For some reason, it always gives me perspective, the feeling that I’m just a tiny boat on an enormous sea, bobbing in the waves. It reminds me to surrender to the forces that pull me forward, and let go of the things that are being pulled away. And when I’m a headless chicken and can’t find my way to the coastline, a 1950’s seaside print dress will do just fine…

Eyelet on the Prize

Eyelet on the Prize - The Dressed Aesthetic

Lately, I’ve felt an irresistible pull towards creating the perfect home. I browse home decor websites, vacillate between different color schemes, and spend hours looking for my dream countertops. This will come as no surprise if you’ve been following along lately, because Mr. Dressed and I have embarked on the dizzying adventure of buying a home. As I’ve said before, despite my love for adventure and seeing the world, the thought of putting down roots and having some stability is more than a little appealing. Weekends are now full of open house viewings and I spend about as much time on…

{Sewing} I’ve Got the Blues…

{Sewing} I've Got the Blues - The Dressed Aesthetic

There are some projects that simply take forever. Not because they’re particularly complicated, but because life just… happens. Several years ago now (it’s actually embarrassing to think about how long ago it was…), I started to draft this dress. Like most of my creations, she was born from a true vintage piece that could never be mine. And as with most unrequited loves, I forlornly tucked her into the back of my mind. But, I never forgot her.

The Magical Shrinking World

Flock It To Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of the hardest parts about living overseas was definitely being so far from family. Missing the big moments and the little moments. Knowing that a hug would take 36 hours of exhausting travel time. Now that we’re home, the hardest part about not living overseas are the friends we had to leave behind. The world can feel very big when there are so many people scattered to the far ends of it to miss.