Next to Normal - The Dressed Aesthetic

While January seemed to drag in a flurry of lecture-giving and lecture writing and trying to appear as if I know what I’m talking about (all the while wondering how I was going to keep up that pace for four whole months), suddenly I feel as if I’m nearing the halfway mark of the semester. And I’m proud to say I’ve hit my groove a bit. This is not to say that life has magically returned to normal – we are still living in a sea of unpacked boxes and most weekends I am camped out at the dining room table…

Love Letters - The Dressed Aesthetic

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching next week, my mind naturally goes to all of the loved-up colors in the world: reds and pinks and pastels seem to be bursting out of my closet with glee. I know there are some that see St. Valentine’s as a harbinger of gloom – but remember that February 14th is first and foremost about loving yourself.

Design-a-Closet: Part I - The Dressed Aesthetic

The toughest part about moving around the world (besides the whole moving around the world bit) is the packing. The dismantling of existing organizational systems and ways of doing things, only to have to re-mantle it all again on the other side. On the positive side, you get to start fresh. You get to view a space like a clean slate and create a new home.

{Favorites} : Just Kidding January.... - The Dressed Aesthetic

Well 2017, we are NOT off to the best start. What. A. Month. I know we’re all still reeling from the events of the new year, not the least of which is the chaos surrounding our new “leadership” (and I use those words very, very loosely). This has been a trying month for us all. The only hope I feel is in the upwelling of unity and support – not just around the country but around the globe. 

Yellow, Yellow, Kiss a Fellow - The Dressed Aesthetic

On the weekend Mr. Dressed and a lovely friend and I skipped off to the theatre to see La La Land (Ummm, Ryan Gosling AND a movie musical? Point me to the popcorn). I fell completely in love with the story, the music, and the splashes of primary colors in every which direction (including one rather unforgettable yellow dress). Needless to say, I was inspired to pull a few primary colors out of my own wardrobe today…

Lady in Red - The Dressed Aesthetic

What is it about a red dress? The color of fire, of passion. The kind of color that inspires songs. That turns heads when you walk into a room. it doesn’t matter what kind of week I’m having, if I can dig a red dress out of my wardrobe, suddenly I get a sassy twinkle in my eye and a smirk playing at the side of my mouth. Red is easily the color of confidence. 

The Imposter Syndrome - The Dressed Aesthetic

There’s this interesting phenomenon in Science (and I’m sure every profession) called The Imposter Syndrome. I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim to it now and again. This constant, nagging doubt that barks in the back of your ear that you are a fraud waiting to be found out. That despite the impressive title beside your name, the company that has decided you deserve to be paid for what you do, or the people who look up to you, the day will come when they finally figure out you really don’t know all that much. If you’ve ever written off your…

Stronger Together - The Dressed Aesthetic

The unthinkable has happened: An openly racist, bigoted, misogynistic narcissist was inaugurated as the 45th president of the United States on Friday. So, this past weekend Mr. Dressed and I joined the millions of people around the world participating in the Women’s March on Washington. We weren’t able to travel to DC, so we joined one the many sister marches happening across the country. Even in our small town in NC, I was so bolstered up and hopeful seeing the nearly 2,000 people who came out to support equality and to take a stand against an administration who supports everything but.