Window to the Past - The Dressed Aesthetic

Like any good vintage-loving girl, I can’t help but romanticize the past. I fully acknowledge we have the luxury of looking back with rose colored glasses, and gazing at historical paintings or imagining the romance of the Renaissance and a life lived on horseback is very likely not all it’s cracked up to be (I mean, they didn’t even have indoor plumbing. Or wifi). But, in the crazy, fast paced world we live in, there is something so appealing about a simpler time. 

Gone Astray: The Case of the Missing Suitcase - The Dressed Aesthetic

Recently, I was on a bit of a whirlwind trip around the States, for work, then play, then work again. When I travel, as I’m sure is true for most of us, I like to bring my favorite things: The dress you always feel amazing in, my go-to shoes that go with everything (and never cause blisters), my most essential toiletries. I pack the things that are so much  part of my life that they’re almost an extension of me.  

Lust List #18 - The Dressed Aesthetic

Murphy’s Law always states that when you can least afford to shop, all you’ll find are things you wish you could buy. And when you have a bit of extra cash and want to splurge on yourself, you can’t find a single thing that strikes your fancy. I generally fall into the former category. All. The. Time.

Homunculus - The Dressed Aesthetic

Although many of you know me as the Shark Girl, at heart I really am a neuroscientist (just a shark neuroscientist. You know, normal). The brain absolutely fascinates me – particularly the brain of species we know so little about. No matter what an animal does or how it perceives its environment or reacts to it, it’s all controlled and modulated by the brain (in short: brains rock).

Down the Rabbit Hole - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve been known to chase my fair share of rabbits into Vintage Wonderland. Despite the resolutions every so often that I’m cutting back on vintage purchases or enforcing a spending ban (I swear I mean them at the time), pieces like these will swan across my retinas and suddenly I’m completely powerless. I mean, the perfect border print dress? A vintage wicker novelty handbag shaped like a BUNNY? Show me the rabbit hole and wish me luck – I fall every time.

{Sewing}: The Counterdanse - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of my favorite dressmaking adventures ever, The Counterdanse, was featured on the website Cut Out + Keep! You can head over to see my step by step tutorial on embellishing the skirt of my dress. They also interviewed me for the site, to get my thoughts on my style, my fashion icons, and some of my favorite blogs.

Six Years & Counting - The Dressed Aesthetic

This coming weekend marks my 6-year anniversary of being married to pretty much the best guy on earth for me. Simply put, we compliment each other. Cause it’s never about a perfect person (which just doesn’t exist) – but the perfect pairing. I’m always a bit surprised when our anniversary comes around, particularly attaching a number to our time together, because it’s honestly hard for me to remember a time  in my life when my husband wasn’t in it. 

Family Ties - The Dressed Aesthetic

I’ve been realizing that my blog represents a convenient dichotomy – though inherently personal, I often don’t show too much of my life here with the exception of my daily outfits and sewing adventures. So, while you have a glimpse into my day to day, some of the most important things in my life rarely get to meet these cyber pages.