2-Year Blog-a-versary!

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I can hardly believe it – but the blog turned 2 this month! As I have also (gracefully) turned another year older in March, I thought it was time for some pretty hardcore celebration. There’s only one way I know how to celebrate: with vintage! So, I’ve teamed up with three of my favorite purveyors of beautiful vintage and vintage-inspired clothing: Etsy, Hollie Point, and Modern Millie!

It’s kind of a crazy thing to start a blog. It’s kind of an even crazier thing to keep it going long enough to celebrate a 2-year milestone. The truth is, I’m pretty proud of my little corner of the web. And I’m more than a little grateful to all of you: the fact that you drop by on occasion, let me share my stories, leave your thoughts and (occasionally) your vulnerabilities, means more to me than I can ever say.

So, for my birthday you, dear readers, get the present! Three lucky readers will win one of the three amazing prizes below: a $100 AUD Gift Card to spend at any participating shop on Etsy, a $50 gift card to spend at Hollie Point Vintage, and the cutest ever Banned handbag courtesy of Modern Millie. You are welcome to enter for all three – who knows, you could walk away with them all!

RULES: To enter, use the Rafflecopter widgets below – be sure to be following Etsy (@Etsy), Hollie Point (@holliepoint), Modern Millie @modernmillieshop) and The Dressed Aesthetic (@dressedapp) on Instagram. You get one free entry per day and can also have additional entries by subscribing to my newsletter and following each of us on our various social media pages. The contest will run for 2 weeks and will end at midnight on Monday 10th April 2017 EST – winners will be announced here on the blog.

Thank you so much to my lovely sponsors – and to you all for being a part of what makes The Dressed Aesthetic so special!

Drumroll please…..

Win $100AUD Etsy Gift Card!

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I make no secret of the fact that I am a daily Etsy stalker. A veritable treasure trove of garments from the past, it is one of my first and last stops of the day. I think I’ve lost count of the number of floaty 1950’s frocks gracing the racks of my wardrobe that originated in her cyber pages.

Being able to collaborate with Etsy this past year has been amazing – and I was even more excited that they wanted to contribute to my blog-a-versary giveaway. Enter below to win $100 AUD gift card to spend at any participating seller on Etsy!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a $50USD Hollie Point Gift Card!

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic
Dress from Hollie Point Vintage

Way back when I was a fledgling vintage huntress trying to figure my way through the mess of 1980’s and upcycled clothing, Hollie Point Vintage was one of the first shops I came to know and trust. Her collection of garments never disappoints and some of my very favorite dresses (here & here) have flown from her shop and into my vintage-loving arms. Through past collaborations (and, eh hem, more than a few purchases from her shop over the years), I have come to realize that our firsts are always our best.

Jennifer, lovely proprietress of Hollie Point, has offered one of you lucky readers the chance to win a $50 USD Gift Card to her shop! Enter below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Win a Handbag from Modern Millie!

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic
Dress from Modern Millie
{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic
Win this adorable Banned cat handbag! Enter below

Despite my worldly traveling, I’m a homebody at heart. And whenever I venture home to my old stomping ground in New England, my mom knows my first stop will always be Modern Millie. Located in the heart of Salem, MA, this amazing shop is a treasure trove of vintage and vintage inspired bundles of goodness. I can’t ever visit without walking out with a dress (or three!), and I am absolutely in love with the owner Christine and the lovely ladies who work there and always make my visits special.

So, to help me celebrate, Modern Millie is offering you the chance to win this adorable cat bag by Banned!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I often tell the story of how I started this blog – inspired by an interview with the amazing Lindsay of Have Clothes, Will Travel. How I started posting outfits on Instagram and finally succumbed to the little voice in the back of my mind that had always wanted to start a blog.

But, the truth is I think I needed this blog more than I realized at the time. Back when I started, life was completely up in the air. My job was incredibly uncertain, funding was ever-elusive, and I truly started to wonder if science would finally get the best of me. And I think, deep down, I started this blog to create a space where I had control. Where, in a world of rocky paths and endless uncertainty, I could find my footing. I could lose myself in the vintage I love so much and create a world that, amidst the chaos, would always be a sanctuary.

And looking back, I’m not sure I could have survived without it. The blog truly gave me a foothold – it gave me a voice and purpose, even when I worried that my purpose in science was somehow fading. It made me realize that, despite the numerous moves and ups and downs, that I could create a world I would take with me, wherever I went.

And here we are. Across the world from where we began. Older. Wiser. Stronger. With a few more dresses than I had when we started…

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Here’s to the next 2 years of fashionable misadventures…




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8 comments on {Giveaway}
2-Year Blog-a-versary!

  • Nika

    Congrats for 2 years blogging so successfully. Wish I would be so successful too. But anyway, your giveaways are awesome and I would love to win one of this beautiful pieces. Following everyone now on Instagram as @vintastic_world (https://www.instagram.com/vintastic_world/) and signed up for your newsletter, following already on bloglovin’ and hope it helps too 😉

    best regards & keep on writing such nice posts.


    • The Dressed Aesthetic (author)

      Thank you so much Nika! That really means a lot to me. If there’s one thing I’ve found about blogging – there’s really no magic formula. Write about the things that you love and that will shine through. People respond to honest enthusiasm and vulnerability. I’m sure your blog will be the same! 🙂 And best of luck in the giveaway – crossing my fingers for you! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Has it already been 2 years already???????? Congratulations…you truly found your flair for blogging and bring such a unique perspective to the plethora of us out there. Here’s to many more years to come <3

    • The Dressed Aesthetic (author)

      I know?!? I can hardly believe it…but I also can’t imagine I time when I wasn’t doing it, you know? And you are the sweetest – you were definitely one who welcomed me into the blogging community with open arms and I am so grateful for that! Sending love and hugs. xxx 🙂

  • Lynda Levin

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I am SSSOOO thrilled for your fabulous and well deserved success with the life’s path that you have chosen. And Happy Happy Birthday. Please have Adam give you MANY hugs from me. Sent with much love…Mrs. L <3 <3 <3

    • The Dressed Aesthetic (author)

      Thank you so much!!! I’m really excited about it. With everything that’s happened this past year, this blog has been my touchstone. 🙂 I’ll pass on your hugs – and we’ll hopefully see you soon! x 🙂

  • SaraLily

    AWWWWW Happy 2nd Birthday to your blog! Mine also recently turned 2 (in October). It’s insane how time flies and how much you learn! I look forward to many more years learning from my experience and reading your lovely blog!!! <3

    • The Dressed Aesthetic (author)

      Thank you gorgeous!! Isn’t it crazy? You know, I was told really early on that starting a blog is the easy part. Maintaining it with regular content is the hard part. And it’s so true! It feels like such an accomplishment to have it going strong two year in! 💖 I guess we’re both in our terrible twos now… Looking forward to growing up as toddler bloggers together. 🙂

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