Okay, I’m going to level with you. Occasionally, pants happen. Now, before you think that the fabric of the universe has started to unravel or I’ve been possessed by some trouser-wearing demon, those days are few and far between. They are usually reserved for things like moving house, field work, and traveling. Or if it’s a Dark Day (in which case, best to just walk on by). But, there is one other event that I rarely ever speak of: and it’s when a pair of trousers is just too darn cute to pass up.

Given the 3 pairs of pants that I own, you know they have to be a pretty special pair to join the ranks. But I have just been bowled over with the latest range of Voodoo Vixen jumpsuit cuteness. Although I’ve always admired jumpsuits from afar, I must admit I usually shy away from them. My vertical correctness usually means…how shall I put this delicately? Well…that most jumpsuits attempt to splice me in two from the nether regions upwards. But, enter this Zarah Sriped Jumpsuit.

Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic

Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic
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Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic Pants Happen - The Dressed AestheticPants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic

In addition to being a bright and fresh summery palette of crisp white with navy, green, red and yellow stripes, this cutie boasts a wide leg pant, side pockets with amazing covered sailor-button details, and a sweetheart bust. Though I sit between a S and M on the size chart, I went with a medium to be on the safe side, which measured 36″ bust, 28″ waist (+ stretch to 30″), 40″ hips, and 31″ inseam. The rise was 13.5″ up to the natural waist. This ended up being perfect for me – snug but still relaxed, which I think I prefer with jumpsuits (as this was my first, I’m defining my comfort level as I go).

The Zarah Jumpsuit also has adjustable straps. Moment of joy for this feature! Much like my last Voodoo Vixen dress, adjustable straps are a GODSEND to all of us great and small. I zipped this jumpsuit up and lo and behold – no splicing in sight! I also found the length of the pant is really suited for the taller ladies (I’m 5’9) – those of you more on the petite side may need to get them hemmed. I wore mine with flats and it was the perfect length on me – though I tried with heels and it veered a bit into too short territory.

I also loved the bow at the sweetheart neckline. I was able to wear a strapless bra with this one and still felt I had good coverage – the bow provides a bit of modesty, where the neckline may have dipped a bit too low for my comfort level without it. My main critique with the jumpsuit was the fabric – which is unfortunately 100% polyester. Although it was lightweight gave a lovely stretch that hugs the curves, I imagine a crisp cotton would be more comfortable in the heat of summer. Plus, the thinness of the fabric meant I had to try several options for undergarments before I found one that didn’t show through. Despite this, the cuteness won me over and I almost wish there was a roller-skating burger joint nearby….

Pants Happen - The Dressed AestheticPants Happen - The Dressed AestheticPants Happen - The Dressed AestheticPants Happen - The Dressed AestheticPants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic Pants Happen - The Dressed Aesthetic

I‘m sporting this look as the Mr. and I head out for the evening to see Wonder Woman. I have to say – she’s always been my favorite super hero (and who doesn’t want magic accessories?). And if there’s ever a time to wear pants, it might as well be when you’re fighting crime and taking names…

Every once in awhile, I think it’s good to step outside of your comfort zone. Usually, I can look at a dress and tell you with about 90% confidence whether it will work on me (that confidence moves up to 98% if I know the shoulder to waist measurement). In this case, I was jumping in a bit blind. And maybe we all need the courage to jump blind now and then. Take a chance. Give it a shot. You never know, you just might surprise yourself (I mean, me? Pants? What is the world coming to?). Turns out, we all have room to grow…

Why not take a leap today?



Outfit Details:
Zarah Sriped Jumpsuit: Unique Vintage (use code DRESSED20 for 20% off!)
Sunglasses: Beleza Vintage (similar)
Necklace: Gift (similar)
Handbag: Serenade (similar here & here)
Shoes: Melissas

Lip Color: BITE Matte Creme Lip Crayon


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