Pleats on Pleats

One of the greatest Christmas gifts I received this year was a Visa gift card from my mom, with a note that read, “Please buy something that you’ve had your eye on…”

To me, the instructions were clear – I was to buy something extravagant. This gift card was not to be used for bills or food shopping or for anything even remotely resembling practical. If I even dared venture towards a cleaning implement or a petrol station, the card would self-destruct. It was supposed to be used to spoil myself. Hmmmmm….challenge accepted!

Pleats on Pleats - The Dressed Aesthetic

Pleats on Pleats - The Dressed Aesthetic
Outfit planned using Dressed for iPhone

Pleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed AestheticPleats on Pleats - The Dressed Aesthetic

Pleats on Pleats - The Dressed Aesthetic
I love this dress so much, it might make me explode into glitter…

Now, like most of you probably have, I have a wish list a mile long with endless beauties bookmarked, saved to gaze longingly at on lazy Sunday mornings. The same way we all look forward to that far off day when money is no object and all of the pretties can be mine. But, the minute I spied this dress, with its soft turquoise hue and pleats on top of pleats, I knew she was the perfect way to follow instructions and spoil myself. And then she arrived and fit like a dream, which is how I always rationalize when a vintage dress was meant to be…

I think the greatest gift you can give anyone is the opportunity to step back from all of the rules and responsibilities and just indulge in something for themselves, be it a weekend away on a deserted beach, an afternoon at the spa, or a dress so full of details and intricacies that you can’t help but stop in all of your daily franticness to marvel at her beauty.

How have you been spoiling yourself lately?




Outfit Details:
Dress: Adored Vintage (similar vintage herehere or similar modern)
Handbag: Gift from my mom (similar here & here)
Shoes: Poetic License via Modcloth (in gold here or similar here & here)
Belt: Alannah Hill (similar)


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The Dressed Aesthetic

6 comments on Pleats on Pleats

  • Brigid

    That dress is so beautiful Kara! The color, the velvet, the pleats… they’re all so pretty, and it looks great on you!

    • (author)

      Thank you so much sweets!! I was soooo smitten with the details. I’ve now hung her on my wall to admire every day. 🙂 xx

  • LesC

    So wonderful of you to take on the “gift certificate” challenge and revere it so bravely. I can only imagine that you were fervently on line for days. Focusing your research talents to locate just the right treasure to sweeten your vintage pallet. This very intricately made garb is splendid. Nice choice. And, a good pairing with the bag and the shoes. Teal, a great color on you, and glitter….well, what can I say. There just isn’t enough glitter in this world for all of us to celebrate the wonderment of each of our spectacular moments on a daily basis.

    love to you

    • (author)

      Thank you so much! I gasped when I saw this dress and plan to hang her on my sewing room wall as art. 🙂 It was pretty special to have the opportunity to indulge in something so beautiful and not have to think about budgets or bills. Definitely an amazing gift to receive. And I couldn’t agree more with you on glitter! xxx

  • Kristina @ Eccentric Owl

    This dress! The pleats, the color, the velvety piping… it’s so, so perfect. I always have a hard time narrowing down just ONE item to spoil myself with, so I end up not getting anything. But most recently I bought a polka-dot skirt from Modcloth with money I’ve been carefully saving just for that purpose — to splurge — and after this baby comes I am thinking I need to buy something like this: (although the bust on that one would be a bit large on me) because… oh, so beautiful. Although I’d only ever wear it for my husband (I don’t wear revealing clothing for anyone else) so I’ll probably decide to get something slightly more practical. But I definitely want to splurge on something! How sweet of your mom to give you that gift card!

    • (author)

      Ohhhhh I LOVE your future splurge! Modern Millie’s is a new favorite of mine – the owner is so lovely. I think you absolutely deserve to spoil yourself after the baby is born – you will have actually grown a person. If that doesn’t deserve a You Are WonderWoman, Therefore You Deserve Vintage present, I don’t know what does! 😉 xx

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