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Purple People Eater - The Dressed Aesthetic

There was this rather whacky song I loved when I was a kid – “The Purple People Eater” – which was really popular in the late 50’s. It basically sings the tale of a one-eyed, one-horned, flying purple people eater who has a grand plan to come to earth and start a rock & roll band (go with me here – it all made sense a the time). Now, I was never clear whether he was purple and ate people, or if he selectively chomped purple people exclusively, but it was a rather cheerful song despite the supposed grape-tinted carnage.

Whenever Sheb Wooley started those first few familiar words, I couldn’t keep from bouncing around my living room. And from the moment I pulled out this vintage plaid dress from my wardrobe this morning, I’ve had that song dancing between my ears ever since. In my head I always imagined a rather cute, fuzzy purple creature who was somehow misunderstood, just trying to follow his dreams, who happened to have particular dietary restrictions. Maybe I simply will always identify with the underdog…

Purple People Eater - The Dressed Aesthetic

Outfit styled using Dressed for iPhone

Purple People Eater - The Dressed Aesthetic Purple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed Aesthetic Purple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurplePeopleEater_09Purple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed AestheticPurple People Eater - The Dressed Aesthetic

I feel like, one way or another, we’re all Purple People Eaters. Pointed at for our oddities. Sporting our wings proudly. Distilled down to a single word or put into a single category, but hoping for the day when someone sees our true colors, because a single label can never really cover the true essence of our quirk. Turning our nose up at the guy who told us we could never make it with just one horn. Feeling like a one-eyed outcast at times, but still having the courage to forge ahead to chase whatever makes our heart sing, however far away those dreams may seem.

So, like the classic song, I’m channeling my inner Purple People Eater today in this GreaterGoodsVintage dress, letting my freak flag fly in all of my one-eyed, one-horned, flying glory. Perhaps my ‘one horn’ is my shocking ability to road rage (while not missing a single note in the broadway musical du jour) and your ‘one eye’ is your indescribable love of body art, but either way, they make us who we are. And maybe that’s what makes this little cyber-universe we’ve all created so special, where we come together in our mutual love of vintage and unabashedly celebrate our oddities. The quirks that make us fabulous.

And even the most unique among us – the one-eyed, one-horned, human-lunching critters included – somehow find a place where they belong.




Outfit Details:
Dress: GreaterGoodsVintage (similar modern or vintage hereherehere & here)
Necklace: Vintage, Belonged to my mom (similar modern or vintage here & here)
Bracelet: Swarovski (similar here & here)
Handbag: Vintage (similar herehere & here)
Shoes: Farylrobin (similar herehere & here)

Nail color: Julep Shelley It Girl


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8 comments on Purple People Eater

  • AyshLeigh

    This dress is the epitome of Spring. You’re beautiful in it. The bag is a gracious compliment, but that necklace!!! I bet that has a lot of stories. I can tell it was once loved by the woman that wore it before you. It just has good karma. It’s fabulous my dear. By the time I got to the ‘close up’ of your shoes, WOW, they pop(someone once told me that it was important to wear shoes that ‘pop’ an outfit.). You must have had a sparkling day in this outfit. I know that I would have. Cheers.

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Aww thank you so much! I always try to incorporate a pop color into an outfit – I have an inability to wear all black or white. 😉 And I love clothing that comes with it’s own memories – vintage is so special, because it tells the story of the amazing woman who wore it before you. 😉 xxx

  • Geeske (AardeKracht)

    My superquirk/-power is that I love words and want to/need to speak and hear them all the time. True words and funny words are my favorite and you seem to have both kinds of words in your vocabulary! I enjoy that so much!
    My words – any of my words it seemed – were also the one thing people most rejected about me. People seemed to prefer my silence. That’s why, for a very long time, I felt I needed other people’s words to cheer me up and make life bearable for me. Your words are among the ones that remind me the most about what I want to say and therefore you have given me the courage to start talking again! I’ve starting blogging my true words again and hope to find my funny words too very soon.
    Please accept my words of appreciation for you: Thank you very much for letting me into your world via your words! They are amazing as I’m sure the woman that writes them is! 🙂

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Wow. Just wow. First off, I think the coin “superquirk” should be established right now – because our quirks ARE our powers. But also…your comment meant so much to me. Our words are so powerful and you should never let anyone stifle you. If there’s anything I hope to accomplish with this blog, it’s to use my words, my ramblings, my thoughts, to help inspire other women, pull them out of their shell, challenging them to be unafraid to just be themselves. And if my words remind you that your voice is present and has meaning ad should be brought forth, than that’s the greatest compliment I think I have ever received. You have SO much to say and should never be silent. You know you always have me listening. Your fellow Purple People Eaters are always listening. 🙂 xxxx

      • Geeske

        I love that my words can give you so much and I love that you are listening! If you are ever in or near the Netherlands just let me know and we can have some fun! Meanwhile I’m still having fun exchanging and reading our words 😉 <3

        • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

          I absolutely will! I think it would be a blast to meet in person. 🙂 xxx

  • Camilla

    Oh my I love, love this dress and that bag…wow!! Just so Beautiful. xo

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Thank you sweets! I love this bag…i swear a choir of angels started to sing when I first spotted her! 🙂

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