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And the Winners Are…..

At long last, my 2-year Blogaversary Giveaway has ended and the winners have been chosen! I know many of you have been biting your nails waiting for the results. Firstly, though, I would like to thank our incredible sponsors for this Giveaway: Hollie Point Vintage, Modern Millie Vintage, and Etsy. All three have been huge supporters of my blog and huge supporters of the vintage community – thank you from the bottom of my heart.

2-Year Blog-a-versary!

{Giveaway} 2-Year Blog-a-versary! - The Dressed Aesthetic

I can hardly believe it – but the blog turned 2 this month! As I have also (gracefully) turned another year older in March, I thought it was time for some pretty hardcore celebration. There’s only one way I know how to celebrate: with vintage! So, I’ve teamed up with three of my favorite purveyors of beautiful vintage and vintage-inspired clothing: Etsy, Hollie Point, and Modern Millie!

{Winner}: Nicole Elaine Vintage Giveaway

Winner: Nicole Elaine Vintage Giveaway - The Dressed Aesthetic

As most of you know, last week I partnered with Nicole Elaine Vintage to inspire the next generation! We challenged you to tell us why you love vintage and how you might inspire our young female generation to feel like confident beautiful young women with it. This giveaway was a two-parter – Nikki was offering a $50 GC to tell us their story in the comments section and an additional $100 GC was up for grabs for a reader who was willing to share their story with the masses on Instagram.

{Winner}: For the Greater Good

Happy September, everyone! Last month, I hosted an amazing giveaway in collaboration with GreaterGoodsVintage, which combined vintage AND giving something back to the greater good. Owned and run by Mikala, GreaterGoodsVintage is both a vintage shop and a platform to raise money and awareness for charities around the globe. GreaterGoods truly lives up to it’s name – 10% of every sale through her Etsy shop goes to charity (always a non-religious, non-government affiliated group). Mikala also switches every few months to a different group, after ensuring they have traceable success ratings. 

With a Cherry On Top + Giveaway

Do you know what I love the most about blogging? Getting to meet so many fabulous women around the world – and even some right in my own backyard – who share the same love and frenzy for fashion. This community of people who I likely never would have met otherwise. Well, when Sarah of Ask Sarah contacted me about her amazing idea to DIY a pair of Whipped Cream with a Cherry on Top Shoes, I was beyond excited to see these cherrylicious beauties come to fruition (pun intended). nd then she put the cherry on top of the proverbial ballet flat cake, and made…

For the Greater Good

I have finally returned from my travels around Middle Earth! It was an absolutely amazing trip and I’m brimming over with the things we saw and the places we visited. As fun as traveling is though, it’s always nice to come home and see our furry dudes and hug the entirety of my closet like an old friend. It’s also nice to get back to a regular blogging schedule again, which I was surprised by how much I missed.