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Carnival: The Value of Art

Carnival: The Value of Art - The Dressed Aesthetic

When I entered in high school I was a ridiculously shy kid. I had been horribly bullied as a child and really struggled with having confidence in who I was. As most schools put a huge emphasis on athletics, I always felt somewhat on the outskirts of extracurricular activities because I don’t have an athletic bone in my body (Seriously. I’m tall, but just can’t seem to get the ball through the hoop). But, my high school miraculously put an equal value on sports and the arts. And I discovered theatre – which was kind of like landing on the island of misfit toys…

Smart, Sassy and Stylish:
Have Clothes, Will Travel

Smart, Sassy & Stylish: Have Clothes, Will Travel - The Dressed Aesthetic

In 2015, I added a fabulous feature to The Dressed Aesthetic where I introduce you to smart and stylish woman I find inspiring and show you a portal into their corner of the interwebs (you can read about my last SSS Lady here). It’s been amazing to get to know these femmes better, and add to a growing community of beautiful, amazing women that I draw inspiration from daily. So, here’s the latest installment of  Smart, Sassy and Stylish!  have to admit, I’m a bit stupid excited about this feature. Because it represents one of those moments where you see things come full circle and it gives you…


Constellations - The Dressed Aesthetic

We all have features about ourselves that we try to hide. Try to cover up, deflecting the gaze of passersby to other things. Maybe this is a birthmark you find unsightly, an area of your body you wish you could tone. Whether it’s stature or shape or a tiny feature no one notices except you, in your heart they are your cross to bear. But the truth is, these beautiful ‘flaws’ mark a roadmap to who you truly are, and should never be hidden away.