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I have finally returned from my travels around Middle Earth! It was an absolutely amazing trip and I’m brimming over with the things we saw and the places we visited. As fun as traveling is though, it’s always nice to come home and see our furry dudes and hug the entirety of my closet like an old friend. It’s also nice to get back to a regular blogging schedule again, which I was surprised by how much I missed.

As such, I thought there was no better way to kick off my return than with an incredible collaboration that I am so excited to be a part of – because it involves vintage AND giving something back to the greater good. As I’m sure is the case for many of us, we all want to give to the less fortunate but aren’t always sure how and worry that our small contributions can’t make a difference. This is why I was so inspired when I met Mikala, the founder and owner of GreaterGoodsVintage through Instagram and instantly fell in love with her tenacity, vintage selection and, most importantly, the mission behind her vintage shop, which is to use her store as a platform to raise money and awareness for charities around the globe.

For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
Outfit planned using Dressed for iPhone

For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
Because Mikala knew I would have to make a few nips and tucks to achieve the perfect fit, she included complimentary vintage thread, bra strap hooks, and hook-and-eye closures for all of my tailoring needs. (Photo via GreaterGoodsVintage)
When this mint green Vicky Vaughn beauty appeared on my doorstep straight out of the 1950’s and into my arms, with her piping, pearlized buttons, and curved skirt panels, I was ecstatic to take part in something that went beyond just embracing sustainable clothing and a love for things from the past. GreaterGoods truly lives up to it’s name – 10% of every sale through her Etsy shop goes to charity (always a non-religious, non-government affiliated group). Mikala also switches every few months to a different group, after ensuring they have traceable success ratings. I was truly inspired by her heartfelt passion for taking action and providing an opportunity to her customers to become part of the solution, with the forward thinking goal of relaying a taste of giving back, so that we might then feel inspired to continue to take those small steps (thus leading to bigger and bigger steps and ultimately changing the world). Trust me, five minutes interacting with this lovely woman and you will fall in love with her commitment to doing good just as quickly as you will fall in love with her gorgeously curated collection of vintage.

All too often I think we can get wrapped up a bit in our own lives (I know I’m certainly guilty of this). And though the desire to do good is always there, we often don’t spent a lot of time looking for opportunities to contribute to important causes unless they hit us square on the nose. This is why I loved working together with Mikala – who reminded me of the million small ways I can make a difference in the world, and who brings this opportunity to her customers daily. She spends her days on the hunt for the next great vintage dress with just as much fervor as she spends looking for the next important cause to support.

For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic

After hearing about the shop mission, I really wanted to get to know this amazing woman and get the nitty gritty on her source of inspiration and how her shop came to be:

Q: Can you tell me a bit about yourself and how you stumbled into curating and running a vintage shop? Where are you based?

Mikala: “Well, stumbled is certainly an appropriate word for how I got started selling vintage. There is no short answer so I’ll give you the Reader’s Digest version.

Chapter 1.  I have always loved vintage styles and watched old black and white movies swooning over the costumes of the 30’s 40’s and 50’s. I’m in Philly now, but when I was living in NYC, living expenses and the price of vintage clothing put the glorious pieces I did find it way out of my budget. In constant rummaging through local Philadelphia thrift stores (which were really my go to for everything from furniture to pots and pans), I noticed that the vintage was far more plentiful and more accessible than anywhere else I had lived. As much as I wanted to buy every 50’s dress I saw, let’s just say that my early thrifting habit began out of financial necessity before it evolved into a hobby! So, no real clothing budget at the time and definitely no place to wear anything styled over a crinoline. Instead, I’d just ooh and ah and whisper tearful goodbyes to the racks of gorgeous fit and flare dresses and full skirts that I’d happen upon.”

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
Mikala on her wedding day, in a stunning late 1950’s Lilli Diamond lace cocktail dress. Swoon!

“Chapter 2: N*Sync was never on my radar as a kid (this ties in I swear), excepting the occasional lip sync sessions with my best friend. But, I stumbled on a small guitar amidst a veritable shrine of boy band fan club paraphernalia that had been signed by the members of this iconic group of Y2K heartthrobs in a thrift shop somewhere. I bought it. Not for the signatures, but because I had been looking for a travel guitar (I’m on the travel-size side myself.) I brought it home, and upon closer inspection I realized that the whole body was pretty much Scotch taped together. Don’t ask how I didn’t notice in the store. I knew this would be an embarrassing, “honey look what I found moment” when I brought it in to show my husband who has been playing and repairing guitars for years. So I decided to list it on eBay. I saw similar signed paraphernalia going for 1000’s of dollars (or at least listed for that.) I listed and sold the guitar for $75. But! I still made a profit. That’s when I got the bug! This was around Christmas time and I had just scored bags and bags of vintage ornaments. I got a little carried away. In fact, in my wild excitement, I sold an ornament that I had already gifted to my sister-in-law. She forgave me, but people started to hold onto their stuff a little tighter around me.

Chapter 3: In the midst of the short eBay spree (staying up till all hours of the night concocting business plans that could have used for the plot of several episodes of I Love Lucy), I had a flash! I made up my mind to sell vintage for a cause! I’ve always loved brands that raise money and awareness for different causes. Wearing a pair of TOMS for example is like a carrying a flag that says, “Let’s change the world and look great!” It’s empowering and creates a street style that encourages people to be more conscientious. From the muddled mix of ideas to save the world and no longer have to issue tearful goodbyes to beautiful vintage came GreaterGoodsVintage.

That’s the story and the rest is continuing to unfold every day.”

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
The gorgeous Mikala, proprietress of GreaterGoodsVintage
For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
Photo via GreaterGoodsVintage
Q: I love the mission behind your shop! Can you tell me a little bit more about your passion for combining vintage and charity work?

Mikala: “As I said, I like when a brand has a “higher purpose.” And I have never been happy in any job that did not have a specifically positive global impact. Through my late teens and early twenties, when asked what I wanted to do with my life, my answer was always “Philanthropy.” I want to support people who are using their skills and talents to be the change they wished to see and I wanted to do it full time. I spent a few years working for non-profits on the fundraising side of things and learned quickly that donating to charity is a touchy subject with many people. My interactions with potential donors were often met with cynicism about the effectiveness of any organization due to the highly publicized scandals of a few. But for as many ineffective or stagnant charities out there, there are just as many kicking butt beyond belief! For instance, I’m working with an organization called, “Friendship Bridge” right now. This amazing group is using the money they receive to provide small business loans and trade/business education to women in Guatamala as a sustainable solution to the poverty in that region. The impact is huge. Empowering marginalized women with the education and tools to support their families puts the breaks on the poverty cycle in one generation! Not to mention that the loans (which have an impressive pay-back rate) basically allow the organization to recycle the donations they receive. By bringing attention to resourceful and innovative non-profits,  I hope to help connect my customers to the idea that donating money wisely is one of the most powerful things we can do to create a lasting, positive change.”

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
This 1950’s Kramer Original Gold Brocade Dress is currently for sale at GreaterGoodsVintage
For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
This 1950’s Pastel Plaid Sundress is currently for sale at GreaterGoodsVintage
For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
This 1950s Blue Silk Rose Print Dress is currently for sale at GreaterGoodsVintage
Q: What’s your process for sourcing vintage? Do you have a love for a particular era?

Mikala: “Early to Mid Century all the way. I’m always drawn to pieces from the 20’s through the early 60’s. Something about the elegance of each individual style trend from those specific decades… as if the new century brought with it a deeper sense of personal style. I think that a combination of film and music greatly influenced clothing and that people began using their fashion choices as an expression of their personalities.

As far as sourcing. I’m still learning my tactic. I buy what I like. I believe that we are in a great age for entrepreneurs. For the first time ever, anyone can shop anywhere! The internet is like a never ending shopping mall. I’ve never been the girl who wanted designer labels unless the item itself was to die for. I want my shop to be filled with my idea of beauty. My favorite pieces are almost always the juniors dresses from the 50’s and 60’s, much like that Vicky Vaughn you’ve got on in them there photos.”

For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
This dress was made for twirling…

Q: What was your best ever vintage fashion find? Did you sell it or keep it?

Mikala: “Hah! Well that’s hard. I can’t pick an all time favorite (although the one in the pictures is definitely one of them.) I did find a “crazy quilt”  skirt that was made up of remnants of silk from old gowns all stitched together in a falling log pattern. Looking closely at all the different patterns and colors of silk squares I realized that some of these pieces were very, very old. While the skirt looks like it was made in the late 40’s – early 50’s and possibly not finished until the 60’s (it has this adorbs pom-pom tassel hem line that seems to be a bit newer than the other pieces in the skirt) some of the silk scraps look like remnants of dresses as old as mid-late 1800s. I have sat and stared at this skirt for ages. The sheer idea that it likely took someone at least a decade to make it, plus the idea of one piece of clothing made from the clothing of generations of women is in itself an incredible concept. It’s not just a skirt and not just a work of art, but it’s a literal stitching together of the lives and stories of many women during some particularly poignant times in women’s history. Anyway. It’s still in the shop. But I have thought about donating it to an art museum or a women’s history exhibit somewhere.”

For the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic
This amazing silk patchwork skirt is currently for sale at GreaterGoodsVintage

Mikala’s idea of filling the world with beautiful vintage and beautiful vibes in equal measure is an incredible mission to undertake and reminds me that every little bit helps. It also got me thinking about causes I feel personally passionate – one of which is The Human Rights Campaign Foundation, which is the largest civil rights organization working towards equality regardless of sexual orientation. The HRC focuses on the policies, issues and practices that affect the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. It is a hugely respected foundation that was established in 1986 and has been supporting LGBT individuals and their families and support systems through through innovative outreach, education, advocacy and research.

Mr. Dressed Aesthetic and I set up a fund through our wedding registry to support them back in 2010 – we were so overjoyed by our upcoming wedding, but also recognized that, at that time, not everyone had been afforded the freedom to do so. We were able to raise a modest amount of money through our registry and we continue to support the organization to this day. Given the recent Supreme Court ruling, I can only hope that the work of organizations like the HRC contributed to building advocacy for marriage equality and that we may have helped in a small way towards helping them achieve that goal.

For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic For the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed AestheticFor the Greater Good - The Dressed Aesthetic

I have aways felt that one of the most compelling things about vintage clothing is that it tells a story. Now, not only does this amazing dress tell a story, but she’ll have a bit of a legacy too, by doing good for the world going forward. It’s kind of an amazing “Pay It Forward” sort of thought – if every dress we buy, every purchase we made somehow contributed in some small way to helping someone else, then eventually everything in our wardrobes would be stitched with good karma and cloaked in betterment. Though perhaps a rosy few of the future, I kind of like believing that it’s possible…

To keep the good vibes going, GreaterGoodsVintage is offering an exclusive giveaway to readers of The Dressed Aesthetic, open internationally, designed with the idea of both giving and receiving in mind. Mikala is offering a shop credit of $100.00 USD, good towards anything in her Etsy shop (see Terms & Conditions Below). But, this vintage giveaway comes with a twist – we’d like to know what you would like to see YOUR style stand for by detailing a cause or organization you feel strongly about.

To enter – be sure to be following both GreaterGoodsVintage (@greatergoodsvintage) and The Dressed Aesthetic (@dressedapp) on Instagram. Then, in the section below, comment with a cause that matters to you and why. This can be a specific organization or a general issue: i.e. Greenpeace or saving the whales – anything that is particularly important to you. The contest will run for 1 month and will end at midnight on 20 August Eastern Standard Time. The winner will receive 100.00 shop credit and their nominated cause or organization will receive the donated proceeds from September’s GreaterGoods Sales! It’s an amazing way to pitch why a cause you feel passionate about deserves a bit of attention – and be rewarded with beautiful vintage.

Can’t wait for the gift card? You can also check out GreaterGoodsVintage on FacebookInstagram, Twitter and their website and be sure to spend a few hours getting lost on Mikala’s stunning Etsy shop. I know I will…

I’m looking forward to hearing about your favorite causes – let’s get involved!


***POST UPDATE: Giveaway has now CLOSED. Thank you to all entrants – winner has been announced here!***



Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o Greater Goods Vintage (similar here, here & here)
Bolero: H&M (similar here, here & here)
Brooch: Green Accordion
Belt: Alannah Hill (similar here, here & here)
Bag: Betsey Johnson via Modcloth (similar here, here & here)
Shoes: Irregular Choice (similar here & here)


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Giveaway Terms and Conditions: Winner will be notified at the end of August. $100 gift card is good towards anything in the GreaterGoodsVintage shop. Must be used in a single purchase. Does not cover customs fees, etc for international purchases. Must be following both GGV and TDA on Instagram to win. Entries only count if they are in the comments section of this blog post. Be sure you leave your email address so we can contact you if you are the lucky winner!

31 comments on For the Greater Good

  • Kelly I.

    In the past couple years I have become addicted to volunteering for dog rescue groups. I’m from Oregon, which if you didn’t know, has a large rescue effort. We mostly get dogs from California that are from high kill shelters and without us would be euthanized to make space. The people I have worked with are some of the most selfless amazing people on the planet. They stay up all night to meet the 3am transports from California and dedicate their whole lives to saving these amazing souls. My rescue group Northwest Dog Project, is celebrating their first birthday next week and I can’t think of a better gift than helping this nonprofit rescue by getting their name out there. They aren’t just a sanctuary for dogs, they save me every time I have the privilege to go out into the woods where their headquarters is located and reconnect with myself and nature. Plus I get to play with puppies and make their day brighter. I hope you make the choice to fund these wonderful people and amazing dogs. You can find them on their website at or @nwdogproject on instagram.

    • (author)

      Your passion is sooo amazing Kelly!! Like you, I’m a huge animal lover and thinking of those poor helpless pets breaks my heart. Both Willie and Finn are rescues and contributing to organizations who save pets like them from euthanasia are amazing. Thank you for bringing the Northwest Dog Project to our attention – I will definitely be checking out their website. 🙂

  • Olivia

    She has some truly beautiful things. One of the causes nearest to my heart is combating inequality, especially between the rich and poor. It’s a growing problem that I feel very strongly about! It’s particularly bad in NZ, considering we are a first world country and all. Yet so many people here see nothing wrong with it 🙁

    • (author)

      Thank you so much for your entry Olivia! I agree that so many people are ignorant to the inequality that still persists in every country – first world or not. Ignoring an issue certainly doesn’t make it go away. We just have to keep bringing these issues up and refusing to allow for ignorance! Thanks so much – and good luck with the giveaway! xx

  • Amy w.

    I am a veterinary technician and my favorite charity is WAG. Which is a local charity. Welfare for animals guild works to find homes and pay medical expenses for dogs, cats rabbits and other small creatures that need a helping hand and a warm home. Wag has a network of foster homes and works with the local animal shelters to ensure that no animal is lost. I’ve seen many wonderful pets given a chance to find new homes or be able to afford expensive surgeries that otherwise wouldn’t be an option. I’m in awe of anyone who goes the extra mile to help anyone or anything less fortunate. This blog post has been exceptionally inspiring and motivating! Thank you for relighting the fire.

    • (author)

      Thank you for your entry! Pet shelters are very near and dear to my heart – both our pets are rescues and I would take in 10 more if we could! Thank you so much for following along and for telling us about WAG – I really appreciate it! xxx

  • Tai

    You can tell that Mikala likes the clothes she sells and that she’s giving back to good causes makes her all the more lovable!

    There is not a day that goes by where I am not supporting the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s so much more than a tshirt or wristband which can be found on their website: The movement, the cause, the knowledge is more than Black people, my people, embracing their humanity and importance in this world where time and time again they are shown they are less than. It’s beyond a monetary donation. It’s reform on a whole level that would be revolutionary. That is my passion.

    • (author)

      Here here! Mikala is absolutely the most lovable person ever and she works so hard to give back. She has the most beautiful heart. 🙂 Thank you for bringing your charity to our attention – I think it’s so easy to brush racial issues under the rug because a lot of people want to pretend that these issues don’t still exist. But they absolutely do and the only way to incite change is to bring them to the forefront of public attention. Your passion really come through and that’s very inspiring. 🙂 Good luck with the giveaway!

  • Rebecca

    Love Mrs. Mikala’s shop and was excited to be linked to another vintage enthusiast! I recently learned about this great charity project in NYC called Barbershop Books. The goal of the project is to incorporate and try to cultivate the joy of reading outside of school by providing books to children in barbershops. In my community, East Harlem, only 13% of students will graduate from college and many children struggle with reading at a young age. This organization has a wonderful goal and a unique way to tackle the challenge! If anyone is interested there is more info at: barbershop
    So many great charities! Learning so much from reading other people’s posts- can’t wait to see more!

    • (author)

      Hi Rebecca – this is the first time I’ve heard of your charity, but it definitely sounds like exactly the kind of lateral thinking that struggling communities need! I’ve loved this collaboration, because I’m learning about so many amazing organizations I may not have otherwise. Thank you so much for highlighting Barbershop Books – fingers crossed for the giveaway! xx

  • Jessica

    A cause that means more to me than anything is the Heart & Stroke Foundation as heart disease runs in my family and took both of my grandfathers’ at too young of an age. Luckily my father is still with us after suffering a massive heart attack in his 50’s due to the progressions of treatment that are only possible from donations made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation to further their research to save more lives.

    This is truly incredible of you and The Greater Good for hosting such a meaningful giveaway. xo

    • (author)

      Hi lovely – I am so sorry that you’ve lost both grandfather’s so young, but you are amazing to honor their memory by supporting such an incredible organization! It means so much when a charity affects those near and dear to us. I’m very happy to hear that your father has battled through such a difficult health issue – you are a family of fighters, that’s for sure! 🙂 Best of luck in the giveaway – winners will be announced at the end of August! xxx

  • Brianne

    Your outfits are so pretty and inspiring!! My charity would be Ocean Conservancy because I am a marine biologist! Our oceans take up most of the planet! Every drop we drink and breathe we take depends on a healthy ocean and they do so much to take care if it!! 🙂

    • (author)

      Awww thank you – and hello fellow marine scientist! 🙂 As you probably already know, marine conservation is a hugely important cause to support for me as well. People greatly underestimate the importance of a healthy marine ecosystem. Ocean Conservancy is SUCH a great organization – best of luck winning the GC and donation to their cause! xx

  • Clarissa

    What a wonderful idea!! One of my favorite nonprofits is Women of Hope International, which serves women with disabilities in Sierra Leone, West Africa. These women are ostracized and considered demons and this nonprofit goes in and helps them feel human again. <3

    • (author)

      Hi Clarissa – thank you for introducing us to such a great cause! How awful for these women to have to be ostracized from their community. I can’t even imagine how much hope and comfort they must get from your charity. Best of luck in the giveaway! xx

  • Jordan

    Thank you for featuring the work of Greater Goods Vintage. Mikala is doing wonderful and relevant things for fashion and humanity. It makes shopping rewarding knowing that buying from the past can help the future.
    An important cause I feel strongly about fighting for is putting a stop to illiteracy. According to ProLiteracy records dating back to 2011, adult low literacy can be connected to almost every socioeconomic issue in the United States. Low literacy is extremely costly for the United States and linked to gender abuse, extreme poverty, and even the spread of infectious diseases. It is easy to take reading and writing for granted in this day and age, but programs like make it their mission to reach and instruct students– especially in low income regions. Reading and writing is a daily joy in my life and aiding the cause of widespread literacy is dire.

    Keep up the good work on the beautiful blog and thank you for giving people a soapbox for good causes!
    -Jordan A

    • (author)

      Thank you so much for your lovely words!I absolutely agree that Mikala is making such a difference by going the extra mile to use vintage as a platform to serve the world! And what a fabulous charity to support – I’m going to read more about the works of Like you, reading is such a huge part of my life and I often take it for granted! Thank you for entering and good luck with the giveaway! xxx

  • Kirsten

    Georgous dress! Lots of twirl for sure.
    Greater Goods is a beautiful shop! The dresses are from an era of elegance.
    I have supported a few global charities over the years (had pictures of kids whose families I was feeding ). Lately, I would say my favorite is local to me. I support Unity House. It’s main goal is to support locals in need. They do a lot of things for women with small children.
    Love that shopping for lovely things can support goodness elsewhere!

    • (author)

      Awww thank you! And I agree – you simply can’t stop twirling when you wear this dress. I’d love to know a bit more about Unity House – where are they based? It sounds like a very worthy organization – thanks for speaking out for them and good luck in the giveaway! xx

  • Caroline

    Love this post and love the idea of purchasing through independent businesses who use their resources to help their community, environment and truly the greater good!
    As Kara did, when my husband and I got married, one of the items that we registered for was charitable donations to our two favorite charities. He chose St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital (which he has donated to for years) and I chose the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. After both my grandmother and mother were diagnosed with breast cancer, my family dove in and began advocating left and right for so many different breast cancer charities. As I began to do more research into each of their practices, we learned that unlike ALL of the other charities, Breast Cancer Research Foundation puts 91% of it’s donations directly into research and awareness programs. I’ve been honored to be able to continue to spread the word about the great work that they continue to do.
    Keep up all the great work! Both of you 🙂

    • (author)

      Thanks hon!! Your chosen charity is obviously near and dear to me as well and I think it’s an amazing organization to support. We’ve come such a long way in cancer research,, but there is still so far to go and the only way is through funding efforts to support that research. I didn’t know that Breast Cancer Research Foundation was the only one that puts 91% of it’s donations directly into research and awareness programs – that’s AMAZING. Good luck with the giveaway sweets – fingers crossed! xx

  • Jess

    I love the plaid sundress and would be all over it if I wasn’t sporting a preggo belly right now! I love that through Greater Good’s Vintage, lives are being changed for the better. I don’t have a specific charity, but highlighting pro-life into adoption around the world is huge to me.

    • (author)

      I adore that plaid sundress! It’s definitely on my wish list… Isn’t Greater Goods Vintage the best? I love when people think outside of the square and spend time helping others. It’s definitely an inspiration. 🙂 Good luck with the giveaway! xx

  • Sage

    Great blog post! That dress is to die for! The charity I’d like to bring to your attention is Livin with their great motto “It ain’t weak to speak”. They are all about raising awareness for suicide prevention and smashing the stigma that surround mental health issues. If you’re reading this comment please check out and buy one of their sweet shirts!

    • (author)

      Thanks Sage – I haven’t heard about Livin before now but I love the mission behind it. I think so many people who struggle with mental health issues also struggle with feeling as though they have to hide it. I will definitely check them out – thanks for bringing it to our attention and good luck with the giveaway! xx

  • Elizabeth

    That patchwork skirt!!!!! I DIE.

    Its hard to choose just one cause to champion. Anybody who knows me knows I’m outspoken for equality regardless of gender and race and sexual orientation. I’m an ex-vegan-still-very-passionate Animal activist, expecially about puppy farms and ceasing the sale of cats and dogs in pet shops in australia. And though my business and shopping habits I try to limit my purchase/consumption of unethically sourced and made products.

    I guess thats the one my style stands for most. Reducing the environmental impact and social-injustices of the fashion industry. Despite the MOUNDS of cheap trendy clothes readily available at every store you walk into and online, chosing to either support small local designers who make in Australia/USA/Britian/wherever or buy things from op shops and second hand stores. Everyones getting pretty clued up on sweat shops and unethical garment factories now, but the dying/cotton production/ leather treating for fast fashion brands is just as devestating as the factories where the items are sewn. Then the piles of clothes not bought at op shops or just thrown out because they either didn’t last longer than a wear, or arent trendy any more forms massive piles of rubbish.

    Wearing vintage, buying second hand and op shopping isnt just an expression of style to me. Its like chosing a local small coffee shop over a global chain like starbucks for your morning coffee. Its holding big businesses accountable for their global environmental and social impacts, giving my money to someone who deserves it more (a local family who works hard to keep their business afloat, a charity that helps homelessness in my city, or provides daily essentials to a developing nation). Plus I feel Great when i find a $300 branded dress barely worn at $20 or under- the same price as those fast fashion outlets!

    Oops I do manage to rant and rave about the topic when i get started.

    • (author)

      Rant away! And SUCH a great cause to support. I think supporting ethically produced clothing and supporting small businesses is SO important. It’s also vital that we commit to researching the brands we buy from and the practices behind the brand – holding ourselves accountable for the businesses we support is a big step in inciting change. 🙂 Great cause and good luck with the giveaway! xxx

  • Francesca

    Wonderful post! It’s so refreshing to get to know Etsy Vintage sellers… I follow this lovely lady and I would so much rather spend my money on a worthy cause…thanks so much for this post..thoroughly enjoyed it. Xx

    • (author)

      Thank you! And I love introducing people to my favorite Etsy sellers. There are so many out there who aren’t selling true vintage, it helps to have a list of reputable sellers – especially one like GreaterGoods who is trying to do so much good! It makes me so happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂

    • Mikala

      I’m so glad that you appreciate the GreaterGoods mission. I hope you’ll participate in our contest for the $100s in vintage beauties by nominating your favorite cause or organization to be sponsored by GreaterGoodsVintage. I’m itching to hear what all my fellow vintage lovers want their vintage style to stand for!


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