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Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

One of the greatest things in my life is being able to watch my niece grow up – granted, much of this observing has to be done from afar via FaceTime, but every time I get to spend time with her I’m in awe of the person she is becoming. The amazing person she already is. My second greatest thing is probably the fact that, for every dress I make myself, I can make her a miniature version and marvel in the unending cuteness.

Many of you will recall the making of the Dahlia dress – a painstaking process that was one of my first forays into pattern drafting. Constructed over about a 6 month period, this is one of my proudest moments. Though I have created several dresses since then, this one will always have a special place in my heart. And naturally I had to make a miniature version for my beloved niece, Brynn, who’s love of dresses and sparkly shoes knows no bounds (yeah. We are SO related).

Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

The Design & Construction

Making Brynn’s dress was relatively easy, as it mostly required the leftover pieces from my dress. I used 1m total of the Dahlia fabric, purchased from Spoonflower. I took a basic dress pattern (New Look 6879, Dress A) and approximated the style of my dress. As 4-year old’s don’t need as much of a cinched waist, I opted out of the 11-piece bodice of my dress, but gave her the contrasting sash and full skirt.

I have to say – making kid’s clothing takes about 3 minutes. The seams are so small that I barely touch the footpedal and it’s sewn. As such, while one of my creations can take me up to 6 months, for a Brynn-dress I only need an afternoon and a strong cup of coffee.

Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

The Styling

I usually get to enjoy the fruits of my labor via photographs and videos, where I can see Brynn’s face as she opens her newest dress fresh off the plane from Australia. I get to revel in stories of how she refuses to take them off or hear her exclaim how much she loves them over Skype. As such, my photosharing is relegated to collages, with the two of us in our matching garments separated by space and time and a whole lot of ocean.

Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

But, if you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been having many many travel adventures over the past month. One of my stops was a visit to Massachusetts to see my family, including a bouncing, bubbling 4-year old Brynn. Given that I only get to spend time with her sporadically, I knew I had to pounce on the opportunity of being in the same time zone and indulge myself in a mini-me blog photoshoot.

I realize that there will come a time when Brynn will balk at the idea of us wearing matching dresses. Where being cool will take precedence and she will lament the photographic evidence of our twin-hood. But for now, I get to be forever grateful for the fact that, after she spied the Dahlia dress resting in my suitcase, she took me by the hand, lead me to her closet, pointed at one of the most recent dresses I made for her and asked, “Auntie – can we match??”

And match we did….Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

The soul is healed by being with children.Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic Mini-Me - The Dressed AestheticMini-Me - The Dressed Aesthetic

There are few moments in my life more precious than this one. Where I get to romp in the field with a four year old, reveling in the wonder of picking flowers dotting the side of the path while the sun dances across our faces. The joy of jumping as high as you can. Of kicking of your shoes and running through bubbles with abandon. Where I am lucky enough to get to be a part of this future woman’s orbit.

In the hustle and bustle I forget sometimes to marvel in the little things. Until a four year old tucks her little hand inside mine and reminds me.




Construction Details:
Fabric: Peacoquette via Spoonflower
Adult Pattern: Drafted by me – see how
Child’s Pattern: New Look 6879, Dress A
Additional fabric & notions (thread, zippers): Textile Traders



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12 comments on {Sewing} Mini-Me

  • SaraLily

    OMG this is so dang adorable!! And again, it’s so awesome to find out your family is in Massachusetts and you’re from this area!! I see a meet up in the future for us fellow MA gals ;P

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      SO FUNNY – I was just responding to your other comment that I hoped we could meet in person! I’ll keep you posted next time I’m in the area – maybe a MA bloggers meet up? It would be an explosion of glitter and petticoats. I can’t wait! 🙂

  • Lois Meserve

    Tell Leslie for the heads up. This was amazing. What two absolutely amazing ladies. Beautiful and cute together – memories you will always be able to share.

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Thanks Lois! We had a blast romping through the fields – and Brynn was beyond excited to match with me. 🙂 Love love love.

  • Tracey

    So gorgeous Kara, I love both dresses and you two are too cute!

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Thank you Tracey! I know I’ll cherish these photos forever! xxx

  • Camilla

    Oh such beautiful photos of you and your gorgeous niece! Love both dresses on you two. I bet she loved her mini-me dress! xo

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      Thank you! I had the best time – and Brynn is so in love with her dress! I can’t wait to make her next one… 😉 xxx

  • LeslieAnn

    This photo shoot produced absolutely beautiful pictures. The two of you look adorable in your matching dresses. Good job Auntie Kara and her sister Kristyl(great photos). I have been very blessed in my life to have you and your sister by my side. As a mom I have learned that with children you learn from them as much as you teach them. Our little Brynn is growing so quickly. She is so spirited and interested in learning absolutely everything that comes her way. Well, ‘Dressed’ followers, these are two of the four ladies of our family. I’m SO proud of my girls. Love this blog. Cheers everyone.

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      It was so much fun – Brynn was so excited that we matched and got to play in the field for awhile. I can’t wait to see the awesome woman Brynn grows up to be! xxx

  • Kristyl

    There is a moment every day that she says something or makes a face and reminds me of you. I was so lucky to have you by my side growing up, I can’t believe I get to have the mini version by my side now.

    • kara@dressedapp.net (author)

      I think she is so lucky to have YOU! (I know I am) 💖 xxx

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