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Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic

I am a self-proclaimed Etsy stalker. That is, should I find myself with a minute to myself, I almost always flip over to Etsy to browse vintage wares, swoon over wish lists, or discover new shops. One shop has come on my radar again and again, owing to their amazing vintage inspired designs and bevy of beautiful prints: Hearts and Found. You may have seen them popping up on my various Lust Lists, but the thing holding me back from taking the plunge has always been narrowing it down to just one dress and just one print!

Owned and run by the lovely Marjorie Mabelle, Hearts and Found is starting a revolution of sorts, fostering the idea of customizable fashion. In a world of choice, one issue we are all almost constantly faced with is squeezing ourselves into the fashion industry’s (and individual designer’s) idea of ‘standard.’ I have always struggled with standard sizing, with waists that end up under my bust and ‘knee length’ skirts that threaten to show the good china. We are all unique shapes and sizes and finding a company who’s ethos reflects that is a godsend.

So, when Marjorie and I discussed collaborating on this post, I was beside myself with excitement. Firstly, it would allow me to highlight a truly wonderful independent business and share my thoughts on fit, fabric, and fabulousness, but it would also force me to once and for all make narrow down my top 12 dress and fabric combinations and make one of these beautiful creations mine!

Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic

Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic
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Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic

The Fabric & Features

Before I say anything else, we have to discuss this print. After a week of deliberation, I opted for the Camilla Playskirt “Tea Time in the Rose Garden” in a Black Rose Floral Border Print. I am such a sucker for border prints, and this amazing rose pattern is both bold and sweet. The colors were really vibrant and popped even on this cloudy SoCal day we seem to be having. What’s better, there are an endless array of fabric choices to choose from, depending on what strikes your fancy: florals, gingham, Hawaiian, and even novelty.

The playskirt is two pieces, both made from a crisp cotton. The crop top has a high, square neckline, open back, and back-tie closure. It also has adjustable straps (major win), which can be lengthened or shortened depending on your proportions. The bottom is a super full ruched skirt (with pockets!) that managed my full Malco Modes Meghan petticoat with no issues whatsoever (had I not been traveling and had a second crinoline, I would have layered those bad boys up and this skirt could have definitely held them!). The skirt is also lined in a cotton voile, with a covered zipper and a button back closure. The only (minor) issue I found is that I wasn’t able to step into the skirt – though I owe this more to the ratio between my smaller waist and wider hips. But, know if you have similar proportions, this may be a skirt-over-the-head scenario for you too.

One of my favorite features is that the crop top is reversible – I love nothing more than versatile clothing, and I’m thrilled this outfit can be worn multiple ways and, because they’re separates, can also be worn with different tops and bottoms for endless styling options. Being so naturally drawn to dresses, I was glad I stepped out of my comfort zone a bit with this set.

Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic

The Fit (& Flare)

Perhaps my favorite feature of Hearts and Found is that all of her creations are fully customizable. You can either opt to choose from the standard sizes (ranging from XS – 4X), or you can provide your measurements for the perfect fit. The best part? Irrespective of whether you opt to have it made to suit your specs – there is NO EXTRA CHARGE. Not only do they not charge for custom sizing – but they encourage you to take advantage of it.

So, given there was absolutely no downside, I opted to provide my custom measurements for this playset (for reference, I am 5’9, with a 36″ bust, 28″ waist, and 19″ shoulder to waist). I went with the knee length (tall), which measures the skirt at 26″. Marjorie even emailed me to confirm everything, noting what looked like a discrepancy in my order (I originally provided a 17″ bodice measurement, as I usually measure nape to waist. But, they advise measuring from the shoulder and over the bust). Knowing that Marjorie personally looks over each order and spots potential issues says a lot about the company and the care and attention to detail they put in. The set arrived and she fit like she was made for me – because she was! The skirt was perfectly snug without  being overly so, and there was just the right amount of midriff showing (with my long torso, I was worried about it looking more like a bra top than a crop top!). I highly recommend to anyone purchasing a dress to provide your custom measurements – we’re all so unique, why shouldn’t our clothing be?

In addition to loving their customization, I also spent a bit of time looking into their chain of manufacturing. In the days of fast fashion and unfair labor practices, it’s all the more important to know where your clothing comes from. Hearts and Found lists theirs front and centre, and I learned they don’t just want to produce beautiful clothing that makes a woman feel her best – they also want to support local businesses and tailors and source all of their fabrics from local Vietnam markets. A local tailor named Auntie Thanh, who, along with her 3 employees, lovingly make each garment.

It really resonates with me how companies can actually make better choices and be much more transparent about their manufacturing pipeline. And I love working with companies that give back and helps to not only build themselves up through entrepreneurship, but also build up their local community in the process.

Be Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed AestheticBe Still My Hearts & Found - The Dressed Aesthetic

The Facts & Figures

I was so impressed with the entire experience. Dealing with Marjorie was a dream and she communicated with me throughout the process. As many of you know, I’ve been in the middle of a crazy overseas move. So, coming to the States to find this set waiting for me was the greatest welcome home gift ever. The parcel was wrapped to perfection and came with a lovely card, care instructions, and even some fun cocktail umbrellas (ohhhh this playskirt set is certainly worthy of a party!) I am one who personally loves care and attention to detail – and there’s nothing better than getting a parcel in the mail that makes it feel personalized for you.

In terms of turnaround time, average production time for a Hearts and Found garment is 5 days, with a shipping estimate of 2-4 weeks – They ship worldwide for around $15. My custom playskirt was shipped exactly 5 days from the day it was ordered, and was delivered a mere week and a bit later! I also find their prices to be so reasonable – this playskirt costs $82 USD for sizes XS-XL and $92 for XXL-4XL, and most of Hearts and Found offerings are around a similar price point, ranging from about $75 to $105. Considering this set is multiple outfits in one, made to my exact measurements, it’s an incredible bargain. The print I’m wearing looks to be sold out at the moment, but you can order this playset in a whole range of other lovely florals (or honestly, any print your heart desires). Overall, I’m thrilled with my skirt and crop top and am already thinking of new ways to style them with other things in my wardrobe.

In addition to their Etsy shop, Hearts and Found can also be found on Facebook and Instagram if you wanted to give them a follow. And if you do buy a dress (or skirt or playset!), let me know. I’d love to see photos!



Outfit Details:
Camilla Play skirt: c/o Hearts & Found
Handbag: Guess, out of stock (similar here & here)
Shoes: Miu Miu, thrifted from Bindaring (similar here & here)

Lip Color: Clinique Cherry Pop


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12 comments on Be Still My Hearts & Found

  • Jeramy

    Thank you, nice read.

    • (author)

      You are so very welcome! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • Camilla

    I love Hearts and Found, I own one dress currently with another on the way to blog down the track and to wear of course!
    I’m so happy you picked the “Camilla” skirt 🙂 and that top is so wonderful, love how it can be reversible! Wonderful photos of you wearing this gorgeous set! xo

    • (author)

      Hahaha – I knew you’d like he Camilla skirt! 😉 I’m such a fan of reversible clothing… I need to check your archives to find your Hearts and Found dress! 🙂 xx

  • Marjorie

    I love my recent purchase skirt fromHearts and Found. The Paige skirt in Floral Explosion fabric is a perfect fit and the pockets are the best. A$65 and worth every cent. Shipping to Perth takes about 3 weeks.

    • (author)

      Thank you for sharing – I’m totally smitten with pockets too! And the prices couldn’t be better. I’ll have to check out the floral explosion print – Hearts and Found just has so many good ones! xxx

  • Francesca

    “‘knee length’ skirts that threaten to show the good china.” Hilarious!! 😂

  • SaraLily

    I have been hearing about Hearts & Found from a few bloggers lately! This set is amazing – a reversible top? COME ON!

    I have been oogling at all the pretties in her Etsy shop and am DYING to get something of my own. I am looking at one of her floral skirts – I just can’t get over the bright colors!

    • (author)

      I know right?? Who can resist a reversible top…I love when clothing does double duty. 😉 You should SO take the plunge on a piece from marjorie’s shop. The quality was amazing and so well made. I couldn’t be happier – keep me posted which one you end up getting! I’ll look forward to reading your review on the blog. 🙂 xxx

  • Lynda Levin

    As usual, another gorgeous outfit. Aside from creating such incredible and unique looks, you are consciously supporting small LOCAL businesses. Sadly, they are becoming fewer and fewer, so aside from being beautiful you are helping to maintain what made this country great…the individual.

    • (author)

      Aww thank you so much! I love working with and supporting small businesses – particularly ones like Hearts and Found that are working to build up their community. Small choices we make every day can make such a huge difference! 🙂 xxxx

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